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Explosion Suppression System

Explosion Suppression System

Pharmaceutical dust collector with Sodium Bicarbonate Suppression Bottles

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All of IEP Technologies Protection Systems are designed to meet or exceed Standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

In an explosion suppression system, pressure sensors are used to detect and activate suppressant bottles containing sodium bicarbonate before an explosion. The benefits of an explosion suppression system include:

  • Prevents pressure build-up and secondary explosions
  • Extremely fast response
  • Effective where venting systems cannot by employed inside of buildings
  • Can be added as an isolation component

Explosion suppression systems are crucial and required protection needed for applications such as:

  • Dust collection systems – Explosion suppression and/or isolation are common options included on these types of systems where compressed air cleaning of filter cartridges creates a dust cloud.
  • Spray drying systems – An explosion suppression system is needed due to high volume of potentially explosive material.
  • Fluid bed dryers/coolers – Combustible process material requires an effective explosion suppression system.
  • Flash dryers – Explosion suppression protection is needed because of the danger created by combustible dust.
  • Milling systems – Combination of combustible dust and ignition hazard from moving parts necessitates a explosion suppression system.

Components typically supplied with a IEP Technologies suppression system include:

  • Dynamic Explosion Detector – MEX-3 with rate of rise pressure sensing
  • Infrared flame detection – Under 50 Kst
  • PistonFire II High Rate Discharge Suppressor ™ – Pressurized suppressant storage cylinder and valve body
  • EX200 Control panel – Microprocessor based unit provides annunciation and control of explosion protection system

SysTech will assist you in determining if explosion suppression is the best choice for your application.

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