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SysTech Design attended IEP Technologies’ (IEP) National Sales Meeting in Las Vegas the week of June 11th. Over the course of the two-day conference, IEP announced exciting plans to improve products and services to clients.

Improved service was the first announcement. IEP will increase the size of their field service team, to allow an improved “next day” on-site availability of a field service technician, throughout North America. Client expectation for service is a big deal and improvement in this area is always welcomed.

What followed was an announcement of new product development and an addition to the existing product offering.

New IEP Model IFV-M Inlet Isolation Valve

The new product is an evolution of an existing product, the ProFlap isolation or Flap valve. IEP will be introducing the IFV-M inlet isolation valve. The new valve will replace its ProFlap predecessor and will be ready to ship in August of 2018. Just like its predecessor the new IFV-M isolation valve is equipped with dust accumulation monitoring, a flap blade locking mechanism and a process interlock to satisfy the requirements of NFPA 69-2014. The valve will be available in sizes 5”-28” diameter and is approved for ST-2 level dusts through the 14” diameter size. The valve is currently in its final stage of testing, as IEP is seeking 3rd party approval for the valve to be compliant for use with dusts having KST values below 60 and up to 300. Most notably, the new IFV-M isolation valve will reportedly be priced very competitively to the marketplace. Associated with the valve is a new Interface Panel, which accompanies the IFV-M and monitors the valve’s status. It will have a new, sleeker, design with easy plug and play functionality.

IEP Acquired – Alexon Spark Detection Set-up

Lastly, IEP announced the acquisition of Atexon Spark Detection. This acquisition will give IEP a spark detection offering. Although not all the details have been released, IEP plans to offer the spark detection technology sometime in 2019. The Atexon spark detection system functions like many other systems that are currently on the market, in that it offers an in-line water deluge function, as well as a booster pump to ensure proper water pressure. What separates the Atexon spark detection system from other products is its unique detection technology, which virtually eliminates false actuations thanks to its “daylight friendly” sensor. Unlike competitive products, upon spark detection and extinguishment, the system does not trigger a full process shutdown unless a high volume of sparks is detected within a short window of time. The system is fully ATEX approved and there are approximately 3,000 commissioned systems in operation around the world.

Thank you IEP to the dedication for constant improvement on the product development side. You continue to set the bar and remain the world’s leader in explosion protection technologies.

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