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Donaldson Torit AG8408601 Model DFE 3-12 Dust Collector

Starting at $22,430.00

Rapid Build means 5 days to ship ARO!

Collector shown is representative only of the DFE model, check text below for actual size.

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Technology Beats Marketing When Evaluating Dust Collectors

Ships in 5 days!


Dust Collector includes:

  • Standard legs and hopper to accommodate a 55-gallon drum
  • 55-gallon drum cover included (drum by others)
  • Left and right hand side outlet
  • Twelve (12) Ultra-Web Filters – 3,048 sq. ft. filter media
  • 4,500 to 9,500 CFM
  • Covered power hole for integral fan mounting ( fan is not included in pricing but is available depending upon horsepower required)
  •  3, 5, 7.5,15, 20 or 30 HP fans available as options
  • Fan silencer available as an option
  • Standard paint finish
  • Type 4 pulse control box w/ timer board and Magnehelic gauge (shipped loose)
  • Sprinkler tap on front face
  • Size of unit is 140″ H x 48″ W x 101″ D with 55-Gallon drum feature


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