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Nuisance or floor accumulated dust is a result of pallet debris or punctured bags, work procedures that propel particulate at high velocity, or ineffective material source capture. This material is subsequently moved throughout a facility by cross drafts, cooling fans, or carried on machinery like forklifts, creating unnecessary ambient dust issues. Encapsulating a point source of dust or smoke before it is dispersed into a room is critical to effectively capture and minimize the amount of dust collection required. Needing less capture air translates into less space for a dust collection system with ductwork, fan horsepower, less make-up air, and less filter media in the dust collector or filter bank. If the work procedures, room cross drafts, or size of the workpiece prevent dust capture, then a dust control booth affords almost total capture. And after filtration, depending upon the characteristic of the dust, the airstream can be recirculated back into the workspace.

Donaldson Torit DownFlo WorkStation Model 4-3 with HEPA filters on return air

We apply dust control booths or enclosures to many dust collection issues for three main reasons. One, dust is better controlled at its source, before it is dispersed into the environment, two, the cost of cleaning collected dirty air with a booth is the lowest cost per CFM dust collection option, and lastly, a noise attenuation option can be applied to the booth structure. A recent application was a “blow-off” dust control booth used to clean accumulated dust from forklifts. Forklifts are a staple in warehouse activity. They lift and stack pallets, transport pallets or palleted materials within a facility, and load and offload onto trucks. With all the high activity, forklift tires wear and create floor dust, and the materials being handled shed particulate that falls on the floor and collects on the forklift. The dust is transported throughout the plant unless collected and cleaned. Cleaning dust from a forklift and pallet with a vacuum hose is a laborious task and does not get into crevices and tight spaces effectively, but blowing them off with compressed air within a dust control booth enclosure having an attached air filter is very effective.

Forklift “Blow-off” station to remove accumulated dust from a pallet of paper stock.

SysTech will supply and install the complete dust control enclosure or will work with clients who have in-house maintenance services, to construct a booth and butt it to dust collector modules specifically designed for booth wall mounting.  The modules are side to side stackable, so booth size is unlimited.

The dust control booth walls and ceiling can be constructed of sheet metal, reinforced plastic coverings, or plywood sheeting.  It is common to have noise blankets on the walls to attenuate noise within the booth if noise sources exist within the enclosure such as metal grinding.

Donaldson Torit DWS air cleaning Module with customer supplied plywood enclosure.

The constructed booth enclosure is coupled with an air cleaner module that is selected based on particulate characteristics, dust loading, available utilities, and maintenance staffing.  An optional air cleaner is the Donaldson Downflo WorkStation, which is a cartridge dust collector module (s) (Donaldson Torit DWS Model) that uses compressed air pulsing for filter reconditioning when dust loading is heavy.  Donaldson recently improved the module to a Model DWST for even more CFM per dollar spent.

Another option is manufactured by DualDraw who will supply individual Power Wall modules or a complete Walk-in Clean Air Station.  They offer an important optional Regain System that returns cleaned air to the front of the booth.  Their air cleaning design uses MERV air filters that are easily changed periodically where light dust loads exist.  As part of their booth offerings, DualDraw will provide an integral wet dust collector  for handling explosive dust.

DualDraw Walk-in Clean Air Station 

Have a need for “blowdown” cleaning or just effective dust control or want to isolate a dust, smoke, or fume source? Successful applications are unique, so give us a call, and we will review possible solutions with you.


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