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Providing equipment for ventilation systems that maintain the air quality in your facility while ensuring a safe and productive work environment.

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SysTech Design has successfully helped clients implement industrial ventilation systems, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and productive workplace, with a clean air environment in and around their facilities. How did we do that?

  • Thirty-three years addressing ventilation system applications
  • Integrator of heavy-duty industrial ventilation equipment
  • Installation and start-up responsibility
  • An understanding that response time is critical

Please give us a call and let us know how we may be of service to you. You can count on our experts to always provide a QUICK response and make the process easy!

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The SysTech Supply House brings together proven manufacturers that produce industrial grade and highly engineered ventilation equipment with field application knowledge and years of experience installing equipment and starting up ventilation systems. Along with the equipment we support clients with accessible assistance and support as needed. If it is an industrial ventilation issue, we want to be your supply house resource for all ventilation solutions!

Who is SysTech Design?


SysTech Design, Inc. is a second-generation industrial ventilation company with roots in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA. Along with our years of experience, we offer an integrated systems approach using the highest quality products, latest technology, most cost-effective solutions, and highly qualified experienced industrial subcontractors that allow us to undertake responsibility for complete projects throughout the pharmaceutical, heavy industrial, gas & oil, food and beverage industries.

Since our beginning in the early 1980s applying fume, smoke and dust collection, fans, and blowers for air movement and conveying, explosion prevention and protection, noise control, and large building ventilation systems, SysTech has gained extensive industrial ventilation knowledge and project management experience. Much more than an equipment vendor, we are a solution provider!

A complete explosion-protected vacuum system installed & serviced by SysTech Design, Inc.

An educational session held by SysTech

Ventilation System Training & Knowledge Sharing


Knowing the latest technologies and products that are available and how they are successfully applied is the intent of our PDH education and training offering. SysTech offers training seminars for the design and application of ventilation systems with “key” equipment selection in classroom settings to earn PDH credits. Periodically, pull-behind trailers are made available that contain ventilation products for “hands-on” equipment demonstrations.  These training programs are offered to engineers and plant personnel in addition to start-up instruction that is included for all installed systems as well as for required maintenance procedures training for individual pieces of ventilation equipment.

Virtual Inspection and Walkthrough Services

Live Inspection and Troubleshooting Services


Timely support means being available with the application knowledge to solve a ventilation issue within a client’s time frame. And now, more than ever, scheduling and getting entrance into a facility to analyze a ventilation issue is problematic with COVID-19, the proliferation of home offices, reduced in-house staff, insurance claims, and confidentiality agreements.

To provide necessary services, SysTech is available to remotely view work areas and evaluate ventilation applications, new equipment placement, or service issues.

Education and Training for Industrial Ventilation Systems

Education and Training

SysTech offers programs to earn CEUs. Learn More.
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Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association

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