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Downdraft Tables and Benches

Dust and fume generating work areas within a facility can often be controlled with self-contained and moveable downdraft tables and downdraft benches. Tables can be designed for tabletop downdraft only or combined with a back-draft airflow and top enclosure design for nuisance dust capture. Micron size and loading of collected particulate, smoke, and fume will determine the filtration systems selected; available options available include throw-away filters, pulse clean dust collectors, or wet collectors. Many standard sized tables and benches are available but custom-designed units are a specialty. We’ll make the bench to meet your production requirements!

Downdraft Tables

Downdraft tables are ideal for those dust that are heavy and tend to fall onto the surface of the table. Their effectiveness is augmented with side and back shields and backdraft exhaust. They can be assembled as a bench or booth to improve the workspace function and can be designed wheelchair accessible. It must be pointed out that open tabletop units are susceptible to cross drafts and side shields are strongly suggested. HVAC supply duct, window openings, or man coolers can disrupt the capture of light heat generated smokes and fumes that rise from the tabletop.

Downdraft Benches

Dust containment benches isolate those processes where pollutants may be blown away from a capture point and dispersed around the facility by cross drafts, man coolers, compressed air, or by rotating equipment like sanders and grinders. These benches are downdraft tables with encapsulating tops that contain dust and fume and add additional features of directed airflow and visibility for the operator. Lighting is an important option for those projects requiring close inspection.

Why a Downdraft Table or Bench?

  • Moveable
  • Free of cross drafts (with side and back shields)
  • Isolate dusty operations within a large facility
  • Cost-effective verses a ducted dust collection system
  • No overhead exhaust duct obstruction
  • Readily available design modifications to encompass workpiece and maximize capture
  • Customization to a specific process requirement is easy
  • Alternative dust collection removal efficiency

Where are Downdraft Tables and Benches Used?

  • Isolated work stations
  • Self-contained filtration units
  • Assembly areas
  • Equipment dedusting
  • Laboratory inspection bench
  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Deburring
  • Soldering
  • Brazing
  • Sanding

Important Options for Downdraft Tables and Benches

  • Filtration of captured particulate by way of a continuous duty pulse cleaning dust collection or a bank of replaceable throwaway filters
  • Side shields to prevent cross drafts
  • Both downdraft and backdraft options
  • Custom designs to fit tight space envelopes
  • Lighting for visibility
  • Wheelchair accessible (Americans with Disabilities Act compliant)
  • Wet collection is available for explosive dust

Let us show you how source capture will contain your dust source will keep your facility clean.


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