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Ventilation Equipment and Systems Integration

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SysTech Design is an industrial ventilation company that has evolved beyond a traditional equipment supplier into something far more valuable to the industries and customers we serve. By becoming a true Systems Integrator, SysTech pairs the various high-quality products we represent with an installation and start-up package to deliver complete, turn-key solutions as they pertain to industrial ventilation systems.

Our extensive application experience and product knowledge permit us to pick and choose the absolute best equipment for a specific application, providing a result detailed to our customer’s needs. In the end, this allows us to turn over a fully functional and operational system without an end-users need to bring in multiple outside contractors. Our focus is on delivering the most complete, compliant, and cost-effective solution available.

We design, supply, install, troubleshoot, and commission a complete system. These capabilities enable SysTech to streamline a project and provide the highest level of efficiency for our clients. Our equipment manufacturers provide state-of-art engineered equipment; however, when a project’s needs extend beyond in-house disciplines, SysTech’s associations with professional engineering consultants allows us to assist our customers in completing detailed design specifications and obtain all the necessary items that may be required by local, state or federal agencies/regulations.

“We take satisfaction in all the quality products and services we provide but take additional pride when completing a successful turn-key system. From the “cradle to the grave,” we can do that as the system integrator, where the responsibility for the project is in our hands, resulting in a ventilation system that functions as our clients expect.”

– Adam Conley 2019

Industrial Ventilation System Integrator

Bringing together pieces of equipment requires integration of components.  The fitment, functionality, longevity and intended design of each piece is pivotal to a successful ventilation system performance.  As the system integrator, the key stages in our scheduling are:

  • Project planning – It’s the beginning of the project and determining specific tasks with milestones to be completed for an industrial ventilation system.
  • Design & Engineering – Bringing into the integration process, engineers, and consultants and providing them the information necessary to complete a design.  These would include engineers disciplined in structural, electrical, explosion, and noise attenuation.
  • Project Management – Watching over the projects progress, installation of equipment and ensuring that all parts work together seamlessly.
  • Permitting—Preparing stamped drawings through the design and engineering process and completing permit applications ensures goals are met and that the local Code officials will sign off on the project, thus avoiding costly and lengthy delays when it’s time to get production running.
  • Fabrication – Building the interconnecting components required to connect individual pieces of equipment such as duct, hoods, support steel, etc., that finalize the system design.
  • Equipment – Applying the correct equipment for the application with an awareness of materials handled, the surrounding environment, and the manufacturing process. Typical ventilation equipment supplied is fans, blowers, make-up air units, noise control, explosion protection, dust collectors, HVAC, vacuum systems, and electrical control systems.
  • Controls – Custom designed control panels and complete automation packages that interconnect systems controls with process control.
  • Systems Integration – Meshing latest technology and proven product dependability together to ensure the system functions as required.
  • Commissioning – When the project is complete, we start-up the systems in which we supply and confirm important variables such as airflow and grounding, as well as ensuring proper setpoints related to filter cleaning systems, and material conveying rates.

Industrial Ventilation System Integrator Qualifiers

We believe we have the tools and resources to complete any projects assigned to us.

  • Skilled and professional team of technical representatives with in-depth application experience and product knowledge.
  • Hands-on facilitators and operational expertise.
  • Innovative, cost-effective, reliable, and timely solutions.
  • Familiarity with current regulations and code compliance.
  • Dedicated to meeting all your business objectives.

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