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AirPro Fan & Blower Company
AirPro is the complete source for heavy duty industrial fans and blowers built to exacting standards.
American Coolair Corporation
Coolair develops and manufactures superior building ventilation systems and products.
American Warming & Ventilating
American Warming and Ventilation is a leading manufacturer of louvers and dampers.
APC Technologies, Inc.
Specializing in Ultra High-Efficiency Filter systems (UHF®), carbon absorption systems, scrubbers, as well as thermal oxidizers.
Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc
Cincinnati Fan manufactures cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers and exhausters.
Daniels Fans
Daniels Fans designs and manufactures high temperature axial and centrifugal fans.
Donaldson Company – TORIT®
Donaldson is a developer of filtration equipment serving a broad range of industries.
DualDraw, LLC
DualDraw specializes in downdraft equipment for enhanced safety and hazard elimination.
Hartzell Air Movement
Hartzell Air Movement produces a broad offering of innovative and efficient industrial HVAC and ventilation products.
IEP Technologies | HOERBIGER Safety Solutions 
IEP Technologies | HOERBIGER Safety Solutions (formerly Fenwal Protection Systems) is the foremost authority on explosion prevention systems and provider of passive explosion protection products and services.
Industrial Plastics Fabricators Ltd.
Industrial Plastics Fabricators designs and fabricates corrosion resistant PVC and fiberglass components.
Industrial Plastic Fan LLC
IPF manufactures quality PVC blowers and polypropylene blowers for a variety of industrial applications.
Newson Gale | HOERBIGER Safety Solutions
Newson Gale | Hoerbiger Safety Solutions focuses on grounding and bonding applications to control static electricity in hazardous areas of a manufacturing facility.
Noise Suppression Technologies Inc.
Noise Suppression Technologies provides acoustic, soundproofing, and industrial noise control solutions.
Soper’s Engineered Fabric Solutions
Soper’s develops enclosures, partitions, and curtain systems to control dust, fumes, noise and more.
Sound Barriers, Inc.
Sounds Barriers manufactures custom-developed industrial noise control.
SysTech Design mini-logo
SysTech Design Inc.
SysTech Design is a manufacturer of unitary fan/silencer assemblies, Lo-Noise™ Modules designed for Compressor Building Ventilation. Both supply and rooftop exhaust fan assemblies in heavy-duty and light-duty designs are available based on application or client requirements.
Weather-Rite LLC
Weather-Rite LLC is the industry source for high quality, industrial grade, premium featured commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

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