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Air Filters

Large selection of panel filters in panel, pleats, bags and box configurations.

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Axial Fans

Axial fans for wall, roof and in-line mounting for supply or exhaust applications in carbon steel, stainless steel and fiberglass. Some in “Quick Ship” stock.

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Baghouse Collector Filters

Many standard bags available to fit all manufacturers’ bag houses. Quick ship and special “fit-up” connection type bags are readily available.

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Cabinet Collector Filters

Drop-in packs and individual bag inserts, in various filter medias, for the UMA and Torit Cabinet models.

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Cartridge Collector Filters

Dust collector replacement filter elements for almost all manufacturers of cartridge style dust collectors. Many medias are available to meet a wide spectrum of air stream conditions.

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Centrifugal Fans

Large selection of centrifugal fans for clean air and material handling applications, some are available in a “quick-ship” configuration that are ready to ship in 48 hours.

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DCE Dalamatic Filters

Replacement filter bags and cages for conventional units and the new first fit filter/cage combo for easy installation.

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Explosion Protection

Many required components to an explosion protection package where potentially explosive conditions exist.

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Fume Extractor Arms

Many extractor arms in various diameters, lengths and materials of construction to meet all dust, fume and mist source capture applications.

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Heating Units

Heating units, including vertical self-contained packages, gas fired make-up air units, and door heaters. Some units are “Quick Ship” in 5 working days!

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Industrial Dust Collection

Shown are small “plug and play” dust collectors with many larger sizes available.

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Industrial Noise Control

Noise attenuation for fans, engines and process machinery as well as panels for quieting room interiors.

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Oil Mist Collector Filters

Includes cartridges, wraps and panel style filters for Torit Donaldson Fume and Oil Mist Collectors.

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Pleated Bag Filters

Replacement pleated bags for both round bag and pleated bag applications where improved airflow and ease of maintenance is a priority.

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PowerCore Filter Packs

For Donaldson Torit Series CP, TG and V PowerCore collections.

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