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What We Do

Our products alone are not the final solution; our experienced staff and service are.SysTech has over 30 years of experience in supplying, designing, installing and servicing systems related to air pollution control, noise attenuation, explosion protection, and industrial ventilation.  We’ve learned some things along the way and it allows us to better help our clients whether they be end users, contractors or engineers.  We want to be your resource for solving those issues that arise from ventilation and manufacturing processes and we make a “Support Guarantee” that we will make ourselves available and accessible, to get you the answers you need to make the right decision for your business or plant operation.

How do we do that?

EQUIPMENT SUPPLYING – As a representative, we work closely with proven manufacturers of industrial ventilation components who understand that our clients have goals and that we are required to meet their expectations for timeliness, quality, and engineering support. We believe our core group of products have the ability to meet the requirements for high-quality industrial ventilation systems. To augment our manufacturer’s product offerings and to meet a client’s needs we will supply specified products or make our fabrications and assemblies to meet project requirements. Our goal is to achieve installed system longevity with the best components applied in the correct manner.

INSTALLATION – SysTech has been installing equipment since their inception. Dropping a piece of equipment at the job site and assuming subcontractors are knowledgeable both in the intricacies of the equipment and best design practices of the overall system can lead to serious inefficiencies, voided warranties and most critically, a system that does not function correctly. Taking complete responsibility for a project allows the project to be completed on time and correctly.  Installation is not just providing the lifts, mechanics, etc., but it is supplying all the components to complete the system and be assured that they fit together and function as designed.  When we hand-off the installation portion of a contract to a plant crew or a subcontractor as part of a much larger contract, we do so with the necessary specifications, instructions and site meetings to assure success.

FABRICATIONS– At SysTech, atypical is the norm, and custom in not a word we are afraid of or means more cost to the client.  Most industrial ventilation systems require special designs to provide the necessary capture of a pollutant, the minimal pressure loses thru a duct system or simply the support steel to maintain the integrity of the installed equipment.  We work with all types of construction materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel. PVC and FRP.

PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – Maintaining the efficiency of process and ventilation equipment is extremely important, and we at SysTech will support your needs with preventative maintenance contracts.  With the shrinking project engineering and maintenance staffs, we can provide the necessary maintenance time you need to keep the pollution control, explosion prevention, air moving and noise attenuation systems running properly.

SERVICE & PARTS – Servicing the equipment that we sell assures the client of continued responsibility after the initial sale.  Why?  Because we know the system and how it was designed.   As a result, we can make adjustments to that design if the system changes either by a process or by a manufacturing need.  With over 30 years of experience, we can also assist with changes and updates to equipment and systems provided by others.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING – Educating clients allows them to understand better the systems they are designing, installing or servicing.  It makes them current and knowledgeable about the latest information on the products and systems available in the marketplace.  Thirty years in business, we’ve learned some things that we can share.

Whether you need a complete system, a single piece of equipment, a drawing, a direction or a specification, give us a call and we’ll be there for you.

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