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Weld Fume Extraction Arms

Weld Fume Extraction Arms
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Weld smoke collection is an application where the use of flexible articulated arms has distinct advantages. The ability to position the hood on the arm above or around a product or assembly improves the capture of smoke and fume make it a secure choice for control of emissions. Source capture is a great ventilation practice to minimize exhausted airflow.

Weld Fume Extraction Arm

Stringent government regulations directives for worker exposure limits for hazardous dust, smoke, and fumes are significant criteria to address. General building ventilation augmented with local extraction arm (s) is an excellent way to remove airborne toxins before they have a chance to enter your worker’s breathing zone. Source capture is always the preferred ventilation technique to minimize exhaust air and allow operator flexibility at the same time. The welder needs to be comfortable with the use of the arm to maximize their benefit.

Extraction Arms for Welding

Extraction arm selection considerations:

  • Minimal pressure drops – external support system ensures minimal pressure drop
  • CFM required – hose dimensions in 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”
  • Reach – lengths from 5’ to 29’ using extension arms
  • Mounting – ceiling, wall, or pillar mounting
  • PVC-coated polyamide fabric hose
  • Corrosion-resistant PE coating is optional
  • Grounded, anti-static models for explosive dust or electronics manufacturing

The flex arm or weld smoke extraction arm is a staple in technical training schools, weld & assembly shops, and maintenance departments. If you need help or assistance with an application give us a call. Collecting, exhausting, and cleaning weld smoke and fume is what we do, and we can offer a solution that will not slow down production.


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