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Industrial Fume and Dust Extraction Arms

Industrial Fume and Dust Extraction Arm
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Extraction arms have a multiplicity of use in industrial environments. Collecting fume, grinding dust, or weld smoke, and material handling operations during material transfer and product recovery are common applications. Their design is to capture a contaminant or product at the point of generation, prior to aerial suspension, and with a negative air exhaust fan, direct materials to a dust collector or receiving vessel.

Government regulations pertaining to worker exposure limits for hazardous dust and fumes continue to increase each year. A local extraction arm is an excellent way to remove airborne materials or toxins before they have a chance to enter the operator breathing zone.

Source capture extraction arms are mobile and can be positioned strategically at isolated capture points or moved about a large structure or assembly. An industrial-grade arm is designed for heavier loadings, abrasive particulate, and caustic materials. As part of a complete ventilation system, arms need to be easy to use and flexible so they can be moved out of the way when not in use.

Industrial Fume and Dust Extraction Arm Selection

Dust extraction arm on a powder loading application.Extraction arms offer a variety of standard features and options:

  • Completely external support system ensures minimal pressure drop
  • Hose dimensions available in 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” diameters
  • Available reach in lengths from 5’ to 29’
  • Optional ceiling, floor, or wall mounting
  • PVC-coated polyamide fabric hose
  • Corrosion-resistant PE coating is optional
  • Grounded, anti-static models for explosive dust or electronics manufacturing

Need help getting smoke, fume, particulate, product, or aerosol collected? Give us a call and we can offer a solution without slowing down production. We will select the best extraction arm available for your application.

Industrial fume extraction arm in stainless steel for a chemical barrel filling operation.

Industrial Fume Extraction Arms

Industrial fumes are the result of manufacturing, such as welding and the mixing and blending of chemicals during production processes that become airborne. They are an airborne dispersion comprised of small particulate due to condensation from the gaseous state.

Industrial fume extraction arms are applied to capture fumes and vapors such as chemical fumes, solvents, soldering fumes, and welding fumes.

Because of their small size, with a range down to .01 microns, they are penetrable to the respiratory system, requiring the application to be carefully reviewed before extraction arm selection.


Industrial dust extraction arm used for a bag dumping application collecting ceramic dust.

Industrial Dust Extraction Arms

Industrial dust is generated by manufacturing processes such as grinding, buffing, or sawing and processes such as the mixing and blending of powders. Dust is small/fine particulate in an airstream that remains suspended in the ambient air for some time based on density. Some dust particles will fall to the floor immediately, and others will stay suspended for hours. Cross drafts created by fans or open windows and movement of machinery such as forklifts tend to keep it suspended.

Extraction arms for dust are typically part of a complete dust collection system, handling a broad range of particulate sizes, including cement, wood, and carbon black. Unique material characteristics of abrasion or low density often need to be reviewed when selecting arm construction and hood options in these system designs.



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