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When not properly collected, oil and coolant mist from machining operations can result in slippery floors, creating a safety hazard and extra maintenance work for employees. Additionally, these mists can collect on machines and work surfaces, leading to poor working conditions and potential problems with equipment performance. There are several technologies available to remove mists including MERV rated filters, ESPs, centrifugal devices, and cartridge style collectors. Available maintenance time allowance and replacement filter costs will determine which technology fits best.

SysTech can help you avoid oil misting issues, with the installation of a Donaldson® Torit® WSO mist collector.

  • The WSO is the only collector that filters three types of mist (smoke, water, and oil) in one mist collector, by merely changing the filter.
  • Designed for use in a variety of industrial processes, it collects water-soluble coolant, straight oil, and even oily smoke.
  • The flexible design of the WSO mist collector features several configurations including a single machine stand mount, machine mountable, ducted, and central system, so you can choose the configuration that best meets your mist collection and facility needs.
  • Torit also offers small, compact, direct machine-mountable centrifugal mist collectors designed to collect, filter, and reclaim mist generated from machines using oil-based, synthetic, semi-synthetic, or water-soluble coolants.

Where is Mist Generated?

  • Metal Cutting Operations
  • Metal Grinding Operations
  • Metal Forming Operations
  • Drawing Operations
  • Heat Treating
  • Part Washers
  • Electrical Discharge Machine Operations
  • Lube Oil Reservoirs
  • Plastic and Rubber Applications

How are Mist Collectors Installed?

  • Machine-mounted
  • Single mist collector ducted to one machine
  • Single mist collector for machining center cell
  • Central mist collector for up to twenty machining centers
  • Ambient filtration

Oil Mist Collector Technologies

Centrifugal Mist Collector – Air containing the mist enters through the inner and directly into a rotating drum. The rotating drum, which also acts as a fan, has a filter inside that merges the mist into larger droplets. The centrifugal force then passes the large droplets out of the filter and in the direction of the drain. Centrifugal mist collectors are highly efficient on water-soluble mist applications and can handle high volumes of mist with inexpensive filters.

Mist Collectors with Panel Filters – Typically require 2 or 3 rectangular filters of 24 x 24 x 12-inch sizing to help create a highly efficient system. Panel filters have long lifetimes and are highly efficient, as they are designed for 24-hour per day operation.

Cartridge Mist Collector – Pleated filter media rolled to form a round or oblong cartridge. These cartridges are typically employed when space requirements are a concern because they have a small footprint, holding a fair amount of media in a relatively small space. Different media are available dependent upon the application at hand. Cartridge mist collectors are highly efficient and have long filter lives with simple maintenance.

These systems typically have the option of adding a final filter, with options such as 95% DOP, HEPA, or activated carbon. The final filter chosen is dependent upon the oil mist collector technology and your unique application requirements.

Give SysTech a call today to help determine the best oil mist collector for your process.


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