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Cryptocurrency Mining Fans

In the highly competitive crypto mining industry, industrial fans ensure crypto mining facilities’ efficient and long-term operation. Crypto mining fans are the workhorse of the ventilation process. In conjunction with intake louvers and air filter assemblies, these fans will provide the necessary cool environment needed by the process when properly selected.

A crypto mining center contains hundreds, even thousands of mining rigs (GPUs), arranged in stacks and running simultaneously. The large amounts of heat generated by the hardware contribute significantly to the overall temperature of the mining facility. While these days the hardware is designed for mining cryptos, excessive heat can damage the equipment and, consequently, damage your profit margin.

Fan Selection for Crypto Mining

Belt drive wall exhaust fans

wall fans for crypto mining center exhaust

Wall-Mounted Axial Fans

Many applications use wall-mounted axial exhaust fans. They move a lot of air against the minimal static resistance caused by louvers and air filters. Moreover, the fans are maintenance-free, shipped as complete units, and are available in a direct drive or belt drive design for the best selection to minimize the horsepower required.

Tube Axial Duct Fans

Tube axial duct fans are suitable when a limited amount of space is available for the fans. The versatile tube axial duct is typically used as a roof-mounted exhaust fan with integral backdraft dampers but can be used in a supply mode if required. It is versatile and can be mounted in multiple positions. Typically, the axial tube fan is used when static pressure requirements are beyond wall fans or when roof-mounting is a design requirement.

Roof exhaust fans on a crypto mining center





Consult with SysTech for Ventilation in Your Cryptocurrency Mining Facility

Crypto mining facilities operate 24/7 to beat competitors to the next mining reward. Our top-of-the-line industrial fans will eliminate excess heat and optimize your mining operations. Not all fans are created equal, and a big reason why Systech fans outperform most others in the industry. Get in touch with one of our experts today! Our experience in developing ventilation solutions includes crypto mining applications. Call SysTech to discuss your crypto mining fan requirements.


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