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Industrial Control Panel Design

Our industrial ventilation systems for dust collection, vacuum conveying and explosion protection are available with “off the shelf” control panels or complex process control panels designed as needed. All control packages, carry a UL label when requested, and provide the degree of automation, safety, and efficiency that facility engineers and processes require.

When requested, we will provide custom process controls that are designed to tie into building automation systems (BAS) and controls that are designed to minimize maintenance or allow monitoring of processes locally and remote.

“Knowing we have total responsibility for a process system, including the process controls, allows us an efficient installation and start-up timeline without finger pointing .” – Adam Conley 2019

Process Control Panels

We have assisted in the design, implementation, and provisioning of many systems that offer web and smartphone-based programs that show the “key” output data that is viewed from anywhere a device is available. This feature gives plant managers, maintenance and engineering teams the ability to adjust systems from remote areas should an issue occur before problems result in failed equipment.

This information can also be linked to emergency personnel (fire companies) to ensure safety of the facility and people. We can work with local municipality or security people to integrate this into the process and keep the plant running as efficiently as possible.

Updating System Controls

Requests for system controls to meet new standards or processes can be updated to our PLC programs and HMI systems which can modify control processes. On and off-site support can be supplied with the use of integrated routers for our support team to troubleshoot or add equipment and screens remotely, saving you the cost of an hourly tech onsite.

VFD Energy Savings

Many customers want the savings that come with more complex controls systems that include Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). These controls track and record Kilowatts (KW) that show savings over designated periods. Our standard VFD control panels show this by simply plugging in the KW cost value per hour.

The monitoring VFD controls can be set to plant operating schedules, so equipment is on at the plant occupied times and slows down to achieve minimal air changes (ACH) during off-hours and holidays. These controls can be useful in real energy savings over the life of a system and to show payback for capital equipment cost.

Control Panel Applications

We provide controls for “turn-key” ventilation systems including dust collectors, wet scrubbers, explosion and fire prevention, make-up air units, ventilation fans, dampers, noise enclosures, and vacuum conveying systems. Examples of applications:

  • Dust Collection Control Panels for monitoring and control of dust collection systems.
  • Vacuum System Control Panels for monitoring and control of vacuum systems.
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) packages for ventilation fans, dust collection systems, and pump systems.
  • Industrial Fan Control Panels for warehouse ventilation packages that control supply fans, exhaust fans, and air handling units.
  • Explosion Protection Control Panels for explosion protection systems integration and feedback.
  • Air handling unit control packages.
  • Control Panels for chemical storage ventilation systems.
  • Temperature and air management of industrial manufacturing facilities.

If you are interested in single-source responsibility and have any questions about our process control panels or would like to discuss your company’s ventilation needs, please give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Our goal is to be your single source for project responsibility. Including the controls with the ventilation, package ensures all systems are functioning as designed and an expedient system start-up.


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