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Make-up Air Unit

Air makeup is required when manufacturing processes exhaust air from a facility and when tempered outside air is necessary to maintain a slight positive pressure in the building.

Industrial space heating with natural or LP gas is typically provided with air makeup units. Industrial gas heating units improve the overall efficiency of ventilation systems, making environments more comfortable and consistent.

SysTech offers a variety of industrial gas heaters to serve a host of HVAC application needs. Industrial gas heaters provide an excellent heating solution for industrial facility needs such as:

  • Focused heating for specific areas or special equipment
  • Economical alternative to running the main heating system
  • Work environment comfort control
  • Freeze protection for inventory and equipment
  • Manufacturing needs such as paint curing

Direct Fired Gas Heaters

Direct fired gas make-up air systems deliver tempered air for industrial environments requiring frequent air changes. These direct fired gas heaters are designed for outdoor and indoor industrial applications using natural or LP gas.

  • Compact Direct Fired Gas Heaters – Standard features include self adjusting profile plates allowing 2 speed and variable speed applications.
  • Horizontal Direct fired Industrial – Available with single or twin blowers, and in re-circulating models
  • Vertical Direct Fired Industrial – Configurations include single or twin blowers, as well as re-circulating models
  • Prewired and pre-piped controls

Indirect Fired Gas Heaters

For 100 percent clean air without the energy expense of an electric heater, indirect fired gas heaters are an effective option. Indirect fired gas heaters use a secondary heat exchanger to separate breatheable air from combustion air. Our indirect fired gas heaters offer benefits such as:

  • Compact Indirect Fired Gas Heaters – Bent tube heater with a constant 83% efficiency design and up to a 28:1 turndown
  • Indirect Fired Industrial Vertical – Configurations include single or twin blowers, as well as re-circulating models
  • Prewired and pre-piped controls


Our standard equipment includes:

  • Direct-fired make-up air units to 85,000 CFM
  • Indirect-fired make-up air units to 57,000 CFM

Air makeup units benefit work environments in a variety of ways by:

  • Providing fresh air to facilities
  • Making the atmosphere more comfortable
  • Preventing negative building pressure
  • Meeting code requirements

Air makeup systems provide fresh air supply as well as a variety of benefits to minimize the impact of negative building pressure including:

  • Degrade exhaust performance
  • Loss of environmental control
  • Adverse safety and performance effects on combustion processes
  • Excessive force on exterior doors

Some ideal environments for makeup air systems include:

  • Manufacturing facilities that house industrial processes
  • Buildings that accommodate large concentrations of people
  • Environments with forced air exhaust systems


  • Gas fired heaters – natural or LP gas
  • Steam Coils
  • Electric coils
  • Hot water coils
  • Chilled water coils
  • DX coils

We’re your source for air makeup units and we’re ready to discuss your industrial gas heating needs.


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