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Industrial Fans & Blowers

Fans are the “heart” of all ventilation systems and essential for all industrial processes that require air flow. SysTech’s considerable knowledge and application experience with air moving applications is pivotal to the success of a complete air handling package.

How do we know fans?  It’s what we do.

Fans and blowers are categorized by their airflow design.  The predominate categories for industrial fans and blowers are centrifugal and axial flow. Centrifugal fans direct the air at right angles to the airstream as it enters the inlet of the fan.  Axial fans move the air along the same axis as the airflow to the inlet of the fan.

Centrifugal and axial fans are further defined by the wheel or impeller that is selected.  Wheels change the performance that can be achieved, the obtainable efficiency and thus the horsepower requirement.

A third important category includes those fans proven to meet the requirements of specific applications.  These are specialized designs that perform reliably in extreme conditions.  We call these Specialty Fans.

SysTech has had experience with all categories of fans and blowers including:

  • Cast aluminum pressure blowers, axial and vaneaxial fans, industrial exhausters, roof ventilators, centrifugal fans and marine duty fans for a host of air moving requirements
  • Building ventilation systems including wall panel fans and rooftop exhausters
  • Engineered fans and blowers applied to abrasive, high temperature, material handling and paper trim “chopper” applications
  • Corrosive environment fans constructed of FRP, PVC, SS, polypropylene, and Kynar materials
  • Multistage, positive displacement and regenerative blowers used in vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems design
  • OEM fans where catalogued equipment needs to be modified to fit into a client’s product
  • Dust collector and mist collector fans

Types of Industrial Fans

Our application experience with fans and blowers includes industrial blowers, FRP fans for corrosive environments, and high pressure blowers for a wide range of clients. Major equipment classification includes:

Industrial Exhausters – SysTech is the source for industrial blowers from industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We will assist you in selecting the industrial exhauster for your application needs.

High Pressure Blowers – Trust SysTech’s experience and expertise in selecting high pressure blowers and vacuum exhausters for the most demanding applications.

Fiberglass Exhaust Fans & PVC Fans – In corrosive environments where factors such as high humidity and aggressive chemicals are a concern, SysTech will work with you to select the materials of construction that perform best in a corrosive environment.  Plastic fans in FRP, PVC and CPVC are available options.

High Temperature Fans – Where high heat processes require fans suitable for ovens, kilns, etc., consider SysTech your trusted source.

OEM Fans – Original Equipment Manufacturers require fans and blowers that need to be redesigned to fit into their machinery or process.  Standard products just won’t do it.    SysTech can assist with the process and offer ideas and suggest solutions to your air moving needs.

Industrial Fan Manufacturers

We represent the leading manufacturers of fans and blowers, and offer a complete selection of products to meet the needs and requirements of a variety of processes and applications.

AirPro Fan & Blower Company
AirPro is the complete source for industrial fans and dampers. Designed for performance and longevity, AirPro fans are engineered to meet virtually any application requirement. AirPro manufactures a comprehensive standard product line along with high temperature, paper trim handling, and API designs. They also specialize in the development of custom fans, built to necessary specifications.

American Coolair Corporation
Coolair has been developing quality building ventilation systems for over 75 years. The comprehensive axial fan product line includes complete building ventilation systems for a diverse range of industries.

Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company, Inc.
For over 50 years Cincinnati Fan has been manufacturing cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers and exhausters. In addition to their catalogued products, which include fans that range from ¼ to 125 horsepower, Cincinnati Fan manufactures custom models, designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of most applications.

Daniels Fans
A Cincinnati Fan company, Daniels designs and manufactures industrial high temperature fans in both centrifugal and axial configurations.  Options allow airstream temperatures up to 2200 °F and include insulated double wall housings, direct or belt drive, multiple impeller designs and gas tight construction.

Envira-North Systems, Ltd
Envira-North is Canada’s largest supplier of industrial/commercial big ceiling (destratification) fans and claim 75 per cent of the Canadian market for industrial/commercial destratification and ventilation fans. Their HVLS big fan product and systems enable buildings to perform better; save on heating, cooling, mechanical operating costs and provide a healthier environment for the occupants of the structure.

Hartzell Air Movement
A leader in industrial ventilation, Hartzell produces innovative and efficient air moving products that are known for exceptional quality and reliability. The Hartzell product line includes fans for both general and process ventilation including a complete line of axial fans, centrifugal fans and blowers, an extensive fiberglass product line, and a complete line of make-up air and heating equipment with a full range of options and accessories. Not limited to CS or SS, they offer a complete line of FRP fans, blowers, louvers, and dampers.

Industrial Plastic Fan LLC
IPF manufactures quality PVC blowers and polypropylene blowers for a variety of industrial applications. An ISO 9001-2000 compliant manufacturer, IPF develops fans to precision tolerances, with well-balanced impellers for whisper quiet operation. IPF plastic fans are well suited for use in corrosive environments, with high degrees of humidity and moisture, as well as exposure to caustics, chlorine, or acids.

SysTech is ready to discuss your industrial fan and blower needs.

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