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Industrial Vacuum Systems

Industrial Vacuum System
SysTech develops industrial vacuum systems to meet a variety of application requirements and to provide optimal vacuum performance in all types of industrial facilities. We offer industrial vacuum systems for point source capture of industrial dust, general housekeeping for work area clean-up, and material conveyance of products.  Our systems are designed with high efficiency and low maintenance components providing long life and uninterrupted service.

Industrial Vacuum System Components

The system will include all necessary tubing, fittings, elbows, cleaning tools and hose as required to meet OSHA requirements for a clean, safe work environment.  A typical system would include:

  • Vacuum producer – multi-stage, regenerative or positive displacement types
  • Separator and/or cartridge dust collector
  • Vacuum hoses and tools
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Electrical control package

SysTech provides industrial vacuum systems to address a wide variety of needs for material handling and industrial facility maintenance. SysTech will develop a custom industrial vacuum system or supply the necessary vacuum components to meet your needs.  Optional selection criteria include:

  • Central vacuum system or portable equipment
  • Air operated units
  • Combustible dust applications
  • Liquid recovery units
  • HEPA vacuums

Our application experience with industrial vacuum systems includes a broad range of installations including equipment such as:

Industrial Vacuum System Manufacturers

SysTech designs complete centralized vacuum systems and offers a complete selection of accessories to meet the needs and requirements of a variety of industries and facilities.

We will supply heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners, ranging from the small air or electric powered drum styled units to large electric and diesel-powered units along with the design and manufacture of pneumatic systems and support equipment for conveying, weighing and batching of dry materials.

Let SysTech develop a custom industrial vacuum system or supply the vacuum components you need.


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