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Custom Metal Fabrications

The success of an Industrial Ventilation System requires that all components function together as a unit. When evaluating a source capture system, these components typically include hoods, ducts, air cleaners, fans and others.  The commonly overlooked components that can impact system efficiency are capture hoods, duct transitions and special fabrications.  While components for some applications are considered stock, others are custom designs that are modified and adjusted. Modifications are made to have the system fit-up at the collection and transfer points.  Systems are often located in tight areas, this requires modifications to the system to allow it to fit around or through walls, structures, etc.  When changes in design are made we constantly monitor affected project areas for adverse energy consumption, capture and conveying velocities of materials in the airstream and laminar flow at fan inlets.

Custom Metal Fabrication Examples

To ensure the ventilation system operates at maximum efficiency, SysTech has designed numerous fabrications to complete systems.  These have included:

  • Hoods – To get the best air capture possible; critical applications require custom designs.
  • Traveling Hoods – Sometimes the process is not static, which requires the hood to move.
  • Piping Manifold Assemblies – Standard piping/tubing needs to be modified.
  • Custom Duct Fittings – Navigating around obstructions.
  • Support Structures – Holds the products securely for weight and vibration control.
  • Hopper Discharge “clam shells” – Hopper discharge options may vary.
  • “Low Loss” Elbows – Laminar flow with minimal pressure losses at fan inlet. This is typically the point where the most energy is lost within a system.
  • Explosion Vent Duct – Designed to meet collector Pmax and NFPA code.

All of these fabrications can be supplied through various materials of construction including carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP and PVC.  Metal gauges and thickness of fabrication materials is adjusted as dictated by installation requirements.


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