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Replacement Parts and Support Services

Replacement components for ventilation equipment

SysTech offers extended support services as a standard option for the products we supply. We want your equipment to operate correctly long after the initial start-up. We will be there for you if you have questions, need product replacement guidance or require services to install the replacement parts.

Replacement Parts

We have been providing replacement filters and parts for our equipment and those of other manufacturers for many years. We have or know where to get you the necessary parts in a timely manner, either at a critical “downtime” crisis or for stock back-up. Examples would include:

  • Replacement filter cartridges and bags to fit any dust collector (Consult our replacement filter guide before buying)
  • Replacement ASHRAE panel filters for air handlers
  • Wheels/Impellers for fans and blowers
  • Fan bearings and shaft assemblies
  • Explosion vent panels
  • Compressed air cleaning components
  • Replacement valves and timer boards
  • Recommended spare parts packages
  • Fan dampers

Service Technicians

Service technicians available for dust collector filter replacementWhere parts may require periodic service and break-downs occur, SysTech is prepared to support those needs. Whether it is a crisis, single time inspection need or a full-service maintenance contract, we will take responsible control of the individual piece of equipment or complete system.

We will provide the part, the installation of the part, testing to confirm the part is functioning as originally designed and suggest improvements to reduce maintenance. We are often asked to:

  • Confirm fan or blower performance
  • Change-out filter bags or cartridges
  • Conduct filter leak testing
  • Provide air pulse system refurbishment
  • Provide replacement fan and blower wheels
  • Replace fan dampers
  • Replace explosion vents
  • Improve monitoring systems

Further Assistance and Recommendations

SysTech has long term relationships with firms who are specialist in disciplines associated with our core businesses. They have always displayed professionalism and competence way above the norm. Two of these disciplines we frequently are called to recommend include Hazardous Waste Analysis & Disposal and Process Hazard Analysis. If you find a need, please give us a call and we’ll connect you to one of our trusted contacts.

Call us and know that we will provide the parts you need and are able to provide the services necessary to bring your equipment back to original design.


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