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Industrial Vacuum System Components

Vacuum systems are comprised of tubing, bends, flap valves, nozzles, wyes, shrink sleeves, hoses, tools in addition to a dust collector or filtration device, and an exhauster. Industrial vacuum accessories are those items typically needed to complete the system design. The separator, filter, and exhauster get all the focus but they need the accessories to complete the package.  Our designs include all the parts and pieces necessary for an industrial duty vacuum system to keep your facility productive and safe.

Central Vacuum Tubing

SysTech provides a vast selection of central vacuum tubing for all types of vacuum applications. Sizes range from 2.125″ OD through 14″ OD, meeting a broad range of material handling and cleaning needs. Tube bends are available from 1.75″ to 72″ centerline radius. We offer vacuum tubing and bends in:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel

We can also provide vacuum tubing fabrications manufactured to customer specifications.

Vacuum Tools

Industrial Vacuum System tools

Large selection of vacuum tools

We offer a broad range of vacuum tools to suit every vacuum system application need. Our vacuum tools and industrial cleaning accessories include:

  • Specialty tools – overhead tools, circular saw and sander vacuum tools, wall brushes, and more
  • Floor brushes – nylon, polypropylene, horsehair, and more
  • Squeegee tools – natural rubber, thermoplastic, neoprene, elastomers, and more
  • Carpet tools – suited for wet or dry use on all types of commercial carpeting

We also provide kits with an assortment of vacuum tools.

Vacuum Hose

Industrial vacuum system optional hoses

Large selection of vacuum hoses

SysTech offers a vacuum hose suitable for virtually every application. Our vacuum hose varieties meet the needs of high, medium, and low airflow applications, and offer many benefits such as:

  • Excellent flexing characteristics
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Selections suitable for high bend applications
  • No wall collapse under vacuum pressure

Give SysTech a call to discuss the specific industrial vacuum accessories we can provide for you.


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