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Fiberglass (FRP) Dampers

Fiberglass (FRP) dampers are vital for applications that have a corrosive element that primarily exists in fume or vapor form. They can be fan or duct mounted where ventilation systems need balancing, backflow prevention applications, or fume exhaust systems. They are composed of fiberglass and Isophthalic polyester resin and the joints are mended with industrial-grade epoxy adhesive. Isophthalic polyester resin conveys a Class I flame spread rate of 25 or less.  Dampers and louvers are cataloged in standard sizes but multiple panel construction with reinforcement is available for much larger size assemblies.

FRP Dampers Available

Backdraft Dampers – designed for free air inlet velocity of 4,000 FPM at a maximum size of 48” x 72”.  Airfoil backdraft damper designs have a maximum differential pressure 5.5” to 16” W.G. and V groove blade backdraft dampers, 2.5” to 10” W.G.

Low-Velocity Center-pivoted Damper – designed for a free air inlet velocity of 2,500 FPM at a standard size of 12”x12” to a maximum of 48” x 48”.  Maximum differential pressure of 1” W.G., suitable up to 200⁰ F, with a manual operator or motor operated option.

Center-Pivoted Volume Control Dampers – designed for a free air inlet velocity of 6,000 FPM, suitable up to 200⁰ F and a maximum differential pressure 20” W.G.

Butterfly Control Damper – designed for free air inlet velocity of 6,000 FPM, minimum size 4” and maximum size 72”, but multiple panel construction with reinforcement allows much larger size assemblies Differential pressure varies with damper diameter and is from 10” W.G. to 30″ W.G.

Round Fiberglass Control Inlet Vane Damper (FIV)- Designed for free air inlet velocity of 4,000 FPM, standard sizes are 12” to 72” diameter with custom designs available upon request. Max temperature of 200 degrees F, with operator options of a crank lever, hand quadrant, or actuator.

FRP Damper Options

Additional available options include:

  • Abrasive/erosion resistant coating
  • Nexus surface veil
  • Electrostatic grounding

Where are FRP Dampers Applied

What Products are Purchased with Industrial Dampers?

Complementing our fans is a complete package of FRP, PVC and CPVC air system components including:

  • Supply and exhaust louvers
  • Dome exhauster covers
  • Stacks
  • Complete duct systems
  • Specialty designed hoods

SysTech supplies ventilation products for aggressive environments.   If you are plagued with equipment corrosion and failure due to the environmental conditions, call us.


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