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Industrial Air Handlers

Industrial facilities require air handlers for applications requiring a set air change per hour, air tempering and conditioning, air cleaning, or air dilution ventilation.  These units are self-contained with a fan, damper(s), coils, heat exchangers, air filters noise attenuators, and all necessary controls, that can be ground, or roof-mounted, and be located indoor or outdoor.  They have many construction options including single or double-wall housing, all-welded, or in-place bolt-together design. When we remove conditioned air from a facility by a pollution control system exhaust, make-up air units are typically applied to maintain building pressure. Other air handling applications include heating or cooling of isolated interior plant offices or warehouse door heaters positioned at truck doors during the cold weather months.


For larger volume industrial facilities, where source capture is not an option, industrial air handlers are used to supply large amounts of outside air to dilute the interior building air quality to control levels of known non-critical contaminants.

SysTech, as required, will include in their ventilation design packages industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, including custom air handlers and large air volume heating and cooling air turnover units.

Our Industrial HVAC products offer you:

  • Standard industrial-grade equipment
  • Custom designs
  • Indoor or rooftop
  • Multiple air filtration efficiency options
  • Responsible energy reduction
  • Noise attenuation options

Expected Air Handling Unit Performance

Our standard equipment includes:

  • Direct-fired make-up air units to 85,000 CFM
  • Indirect-fired make-up air units to 57,000 CFM
  • Air turnover (air rotation) units to 100,000 CFM

Air Handling Unit Terminology

  • Make-Up Air
  • Air Rotation
  • Evaporative, DX or chilled water cooling
  • Door heaters
  • Gas or electric heating
  • Heat recovery

Air Handling Unit Equipment Manufacturers

We represent the most trusted manufacturers and offer a full selection of products to meet most industrial HVAC applications.

Hartzell Air Movement
Hartzell manufactures innovative and efficient air moving products that are known for exceptional quality and reliability.  Spot heating gas-fired make-up air units are available to 28,000 CFM with door heaters to 7,900 CFM and steam unit heaters to 8,000 CFM.

Weather-Rite LLC
Weather-Rite LLC offers a wide range of industrial HVAC equipment. Engineered products available include direct-fired make-up air equipment, indirect-fired make-up air units, custom air handlers, rooftop units, air turnover units, and gas-fired warm air unit heaters.

Turn to the Industrial Air Handler experts. Let SysTech be your source for an industrial HVAC system, providing and implementing all the key components required for an integrated industrial ventilation system.

Optional Industrial Air Handler Walkthrough, Inspection or Troubleshooting

We can help remotely if needed! Industrial Air Handler walkthroughs will help us to better understand the magnitude of the Air Handler issue and important space constraints that might inhibit a specific mitigation technique.

Let SysTech be part of your Industrial Air Handler solution

SysTech is experienced in developing industrial noise control solutions for a wide range of industrial environments. Call SysTech to discuss your industrial air handler needs.

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