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Baltimore, MD Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

SysTech Design, Inc – Service to Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia

Baltimore, MD Industrial Dust Collection

The type of industrial dust collection you need, as well as the final system design, depends on several factors. These include the collected particulates’ physical and chemical compositions, process exhaust conditions, local and federal regulations, and others. After determining the level of filtration needed, there are two key areas we focus on when reviewing the final system layout.

First, as mentioned, the geometry and chemistry of particulate in the air stream which determines the way we configure and select components. The second key factor is keeping particulate in suspension after it is collected and effectively conveying it to the filtration device. Should equipment slowly fail or breakdown and filters “plug”, particulate settling in the duct creates potential duct collapse, leaks in the duct, fire and explosion potential, additional static pressure loses with increases in fan horsepower, fan wheel abrasion, and imbalance.

Baltimore, MD Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection

Multiple cartridge dust collectors on a pharmaceutical application.

Baltimore, MD Industrial Dust Collecting & Explosion Protection

Explosion vents on a dust collector.

Industrial Explosion Protection in Baltimore, MD

Industrial explosion protection strategies designed to address combustible dust and hybrid applications is what we do.  The explosion protection plan of action that we implement is based on the potential severity and proper mitigation of, dusts and hybrid dust that might result in a catastrophic event.  From initial dust testing, equipment selection, final installation and periodic maintenance services for your explosion protection system, SysTech will be available to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

If you’re updating, expanding or changing the application for an existing system we will provide the necessary support. We retrofit and update dust collectors, product receivers and storage silos to meet Code and have installed explosion suppression systems, explosion vents and NFPA approved accessories on over 10 different manufacturers of dust collectors.  Before you relocate or replace a piece of equipment let us see if it is safe to update and modify to NFPA Standards before a major capital expenditure.

SysTech Design: Industrial Ventilation Specialists

SysTech Design is a provider of industrial ventilation equipment and services that address the need for fans & blowers for process and general ventilation, air pollution control, dust collection, noise attenuation, and explosion protection. We direct our attention to complete systems in order to qualify the performance and function of each single piece of equipment. SysTech is a company that began in 1985 as a manufacturer’s representative located in Harrisburg, PA. We have acquired considerable application knowledge in dust collection and explosion protection, by successfully completing projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

As our reputation grew, so did our territory responsibility and as a result we were repeatedly being called to Maryland and Virginia job sites. To better serve the existing, and ever-growing Maryland and Northern Virginia region it was decided a regional office was mandatory for customer support. Properly servicing potential and existing accounts on a face-to-face basis and being available on short notice is paramount to our success.

Baltimore is the hub of our southern service territory which extends from Maryland shore points, west to Fredericksburg and south to DC and northern Virginia. Our clients are those in Pharmaceuticals, Spice, Food, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Education (High School and Collegiate level), Heavy Industrial and beyond.

Baltimore, MD

Regional Representative – Matt Glover

Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

Phone: 410-844-4572

SysTech Design, Inc – Baltimore Maryland Regional Office

Baltimore, MD Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection 

Baltimore is a city located in Maryland. It is also the most populous city in the state. It is located 40 miles northeast of Washington D.C. and is home to the second-largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic.  The cities inner harbor used to be the second leading port for incoming immigrants. With hundreds of districts, the city has been nicknamed the “City of Neighbors”.  Baltimore has more public statues and monuments per capita than any other city in the countries. With it being a large city, industry makes its way there. SysTech is here to help with any of your company’s industrial needs from dust collecting to explosion protection.

Baltimore, MD – SysTech Regional Office for the Mid-Atlantic Region

SysTech Design, Inc is an Industrial ventilation firm specializing in applications where cleaning the air, moving the air, and tempering the air, resulting in cleaner and safer environments.  We incorporate industrial equipment that includes fans, blowers, dust collectors, MUA units, along with the associated disciplines of explosion protection, and noise attenuation.  Coupled with equipment provided, is our services of installation, testing, and startup.

We’re located in Baltimore, MD; the ideal location to service clients in the southern geography of the Mid-Atlantic Region.  The hub of the mid-Atlantic region is the Washington metropolitan area including MD, VA, and DE and SysTech choose to be in the Baltimore Maryland location to best serve our customer base which includes those in Pharmaceuticals, Spice, Food, Oil & Gas, Biotech, Aerospace, Schools, Heavy and Light Manufacturing and beyond.

SysTech is here to help with any of your company’s industrial ventilation needs from dust collecting to explosion protection.

Baltimore, MD – SysTech Service and Support Areas

SysTech has and is working on projects and reviewing applications in many manufacturing facilities, engineering firms and technical centers from our Baltimore office. Those Maryland cities include Baltimore, Annapolis, Westminster, Frederick, Cambridge, and Salisbury along with sites in Virginia that include Richmond, Reston, Harrisonburg and Fredericksburg. We also cover the significant business centers located in and around the Delaware cities of Newark and Wilmington from this office.

Data collection of exhaust airflow for building ventilation analysis.

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