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OEM Fans

Beyond one time applications, SysTech supports many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with fans and/or blowers. OEMs require a product that fits into their equipment; a repeat design unique to their machinery.

SysTech distributes a wide variety of standard fan/blower types and sizes for a multitude of single use applications. OEM fan applications, on the other hand, can be unique and very challenging because they are oftentimes standard products that must be redesigned to fit into a client’s space envelope. Whether applying a tube axial fan to a spray booth or process plug fan to an oven we are confident in our ability to supply the correct fan or blower for your machinery design.

Where Are OEM Fans Used?

Typical applications would include:

  • Dust Collectors
  • Paint Booth
  • Blasting Machinery
  • VOC Oxidizer
  • Ovens
  • Trim Conveying
  • Parts Washer
  • Loading dock air curtains
  • Dog food packaging machines
  • Bottled water filling
  • Bleed air dampers
  • Plastic extrusion conveying
  • Car wash drying blowers
  • Communications substation ventilation
  • Snow Blower
  • Paper Trim Conveying
  • Pneumatic Conveying

OEM Fans Need Maximum Support

We know that OEMs need their suppliers to be part of their business; react to their customer’s needs and expect:

  • High quality product configured to meet the client’s needs
  • Continuing evolution of product quality
  • Product delivery on time and when needed
  • Support with product engineering and development
  • Accessible when assistance is needed
  • Consistent and reliable support
  • Fast turn-around for quotations
  • Quick reaction to customized product
  • Support their need for customer satisfaction
  • Cost competitive
  • Provide technical assistance when required

SysTech’s fan and blower manufacturers build a wide variety of products for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and they know how to service these OEM clients. Whether using a standard product, modifying an existing design or creating a completely new design, we can offer you a solution to your machinery or product air moving application need.

SysTech knows OEMs. We know what it takes to keep our clients customers satisfied.

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