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A metals and alloys company located in Lancaster, PA approached SysTech with the desire to expand their normal operation beyond reformulation of raw materials and into the reclaiming of scrap metals. Because of the experience that SysTech has had in this market sector, we were able to develop a solution that would effectively collect the smoke from the reclamation process and still remain within the customer’s budget, available floor space, and tight completion schedule.

The first challenge with this project was to fabricate a hood that would blend the necessary amount of room air to reduce the 600 degrees F brick lined melting furnace exhaust to 180 degrees F at the cartridge dust collector. Subsequent considerations were given to the containment of generated smoke and particulate, filtration of collected particulate from the exhaust airstream and access to the work area for loading/unloading. SysTech selected a Donaldson Torit dust collector Model DFO 4-16 dust collector with a 15 HP Cincinnati Industrial Exhauster at 6,000 CFM and Ultra-Web High-Temperature filter cartridges. In addition to the custom designed source capture hood, clamp together duct was used to allow future reconfiguration of the process layout with minimal cost.

SysTech was able to provide a complete turn-key package to the customer which allowed them to keep the area clean and get their new process up, running, and generating income.



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