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Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin harvesting machines generate a lot of heat as they use an incredible amount of power to mine bitcoin. Efficiency is the name of the game, as cryptocurrency mining is challenging and competitive. Unlike purchasing bitcoin, mining enables these operations to receive bitcoin as a reward for completing “blocks” in the blockchain, essentially verified transactions.

SysTech provided “key” ventilation system components for a bitcoin mining center located in Southeast US. The efficiency of the cooling and air filter system was crucial for the operation’s success.

A cryptocurrency mining center in North America showing ventilation components.

Crypto Mining Ventilation System

The crypto/bitcoin mining machines require a cool environment to operate efficiently enough for the operation to be profitable. Therefore, a significant amount of the energy needed for any cryptocurrency mining operation is used for cooling. By creating a crypto mining ventilation system where each set of servers has its dedicated filtered intake louvers and crypto mining fan exhausts, we improved the durability and expected longevity of the system. For this application, outside ambient air is drawn through the mining center structure, over the mining rigs, and exhausted out the roof.

The building was structured into multiple individual cells where there is no need to shut down the mining machines to change the air filters.

To help prevent server failure, most cryptocurrency mining servers or rigs, for example, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips, have internal controllers that vary the machine’s voltage and clock speed based on the surrounding ambient air temperature.
Again, the emphasis is placed on critical airflow to maintain machine efficiently; an environment without enough airflow will create inefficient machines. As with any computer systems, operating at higher levels of heat will degrade the machine’s efficiency and lifespan.

A close up of a typical bitcoin
mining rig

Cooling Required for a Crypto Mining Center

The size of the cryptocurrency/bitcoin mine plays into this significantly as the efficiency of the ventilation of the facility is the largest deciding factor in its profitability. This ventilation system included crypto mining fans, and fifty-eight (58) American Warming intake louvers fitted with MERV 8  air filters designed to create maximum efficiency for this facility’s cooling requirements, primarily since operating in a humid, warm climate.

A close up of some of the
filtered intake louvers

Cryptocurrency data centers require massive amounts of airflow. In this operation, we installed twenty-four (24) custom painted industrial fans as manufactured by Hartzell Air Movement. Each fan was equipped with a 15 HP motor and was designed to exhaust 49,000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) through a space of about 100,000 CFT (cubic feet). Hartzell has a proven long-term reputation for the manufacture and supply of fans with industrial-grade construction and high-efficiency axial props. These systems cannot go down, and Hartzell was a critical part of the ventilation design.


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