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Donaldson Torit PowerCore CPC-3 dust collector

Donaldson Torit PowerCore CPC-3 dust collector

A ceramic disk manufacturer was relocating to a new facility in the Pittsburgh, PA area and brought SysTech Design in to design and supply components for a new dust collection system.  A full CAD design was completed prior to installation to ensure proper placement and fitment to each machine. One of the materials used in their manufacturing process included silica dust, a known hazardous dust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) had recently begun an overhaul of their Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) specifically focused on Silica dust. Although industry has a set time period to comply with the new rule, SysTech’s design goal was to implement a dust collection system that would remove the potentially harmful dust from the production area, while maintaining accessibility to the manufacturing equipment.

PowerCore Model CP Dust Collector Selection

Movex six inch diameter, eight foot long arms

Movex six inch diameter, eight foot long arms

The dust collection system was designed to exhaust four (4) specific pieces of equipment, including batch weigh-stations, automatic presses and a drier. A Donaldson-Torit PowerCore CPC-3 Power Core dust collector was selected for the application. The PowerCore filtration technology excels in performance when used on applications where the dust characteristics include light, fine, dry powders.

The filtration efficiency of the PowerCore CP Filter packs meets the ASHRAE MERV 15 rating, resulting in the capture of 99.99% of particulate larger than 0.5 microns. The size of the unit and the small, PowerCore CP Filter Pack’s utilized in the collector were an important purchasing consideration for the customer, as the easy to change filter packs resulted in minimal downtime when change-outs were necessary.  A HEPA after-filter was not required because the airstream was not recirculated.  The CPC unit included a Torit Delta-P Plus cleaning control unit for down-time or active pulse cleaning and was powered by a side-mounted 7.5HP Cincinnati Pressure Blower, controlled by a Lenze SMVector Variable Frequency Drive.

Dust Collection Systems Considerations

The batch weigh-stations and presses required that the workers have easy access to all angles of the machinery. MOVEX six (6) inch diameter, eight (8) feet long flexible extraction arms with “scoop” hoods were implemented for optimal “source-capture” collection. The total design airflow of the system was 2,100 CFM although the collector and fan were selected to provide additional capacity for future expansion to the system.

SysTech provided all required components of the system for the customer to install with in-house personnel. After installation was completed, SysTech technicians did a complete system start-up, automatically included with the purchase of the collection system.  Workers were trained in the function of the collector and its Delta-P Plus cleaning control unit, filter change-out procedures, the various functions of the Lenze Variable Frequency Drive and recommendations on optimal dust collection techniques.

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