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View of vacuum filter with exhauster and check valve.

View of vacuum filter with exhauster and check valve.

“Our production rate is significantly higher with the clean work environment.”

SysTech Design Inc. completed the installation of a central vacuum collection system for a major modular home manufacturer located in Williamsport, PA. The fabrication and assembly of prefab structures in an indoor controlled environment allow for a vastly improved production rate and better quality control. During the process, significant amounts of airborne particulate, nuisance dust and heavy particulate produced by circular saw cutting, routering and power wand sanding of drywall are generated, slowing the production process, creating an unsatisfactory work environment and fostering a housekeeping nightmare.

To maintain a clean facility, SysTech designed and installed a high efficiency vacuum collection system. The manufacturing facility covered approximately 50,000 square feet, requiring over 1,100 feet of 2, 3, and 4 inch galvanized vacuum tubing and 27 inlet valve collection points. At any time, the system needed to accommodate 12 operators simultaneously.

Design engineering resulted in the selection of a 30 HP vacuum exhauster rated for 1000 ICFM @ -6.4″ Hg, a self cleaning high efficiency cartridge dust collector with 678 square feet of filter media with a 99.99% efficiency and collection system components including flex hoses, tools and electrical controls.

The installed system is presently collecting over 7.5 cubic feet of drywall dust from power wand sanders, sawdust from routers and circular saws every 12 hours of production time. SysTech was awarded the “sole source” contract for both systems used by the Williamsport facility because of our ability to provide a single point responsibility, including not only a complete engineering design package with all equipment and installation, but a 24/7 maintenance and service package.

When it comes to design, installation and service, SysTech is truly a “one stop shop” that can be depended on for the life of your equipment and beyond. Reach out to us at 800-456-9460 and let us be the only call you need to make to get the job done.



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