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Downdraft tables and benches are ideal for single-operator dust and fume control applications. The workbenches are mobile and have a self-contained dust filtration system. Custom benches are designed to control the direction of capture airflow based on the size and surface materials of the workpiece as well as the necessary filtration efficiency in removing captured particulate. Whether the work activity removes materials by chipping, grinding, or welding, the filtration system must remove particulate from the return airstream.

Custom built downdraft table/bench

The above project features a customized downdraft bench with a 56” wide x 48” deep work surface and 36” tall removable side walls. The sidewalls unlatch via toggle clamps allowing the operator to work from any of the four sides without rotating a 600 lb. workpiece. The particulate is drawn down throughthe perforated tabletop, and clean air is discharged through the back of the bench.

Custom Downdraft Bench Application

The application was a coating removal process. The material being removed comes off in the form of 2” flakes, and fine airborne particulate is generated. The material consists of Teflon-like and perylene-like polymeric material and some poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The bench tabletop was built with a metal mesh spark arrestor, MERV 8 pre-filter section, and a HEPA final filter to handle the unique airstream contaminants and workpiece weight.
Custom workbench with tabletop and backdraft exhaust mounted on pneumatic lift

To meet your needs, we can provide customized worktable sizes and arrangements for more efficient operator engagement to maximize efficiency.  We can construct tables of most metals and use aluminum for our wet tables.   Give us a call at 800-456-9460 to see how we can help you today!


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