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Custom noise enclosure for a rotary swaging machine.

Custom noise enclosure for a rotary swaging machine.

A pipe and tubing company near Baltimore, Maryland contacted SysTech with an immediate need for decreasing the decibel output of their rotary swaging machines.  These machines are used to crimp the tube sections and the “hammering” action produced recorded noise levels as high as 110 dBA.  The manufacturing process requires the operators to stand very close to the machines, exposing them to continuous high dB levels.

Sampling Noise Levels

To address the problem, SysTech first had to gather accurate information on the noise levels being emitted from the machines.  Using a Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT1 sound meter, noise levels at each of the eight octave bands was sampled at the operator’s position (less than three feet), three feet and five feet from the swaging machine.  By taking readings at various bands and distances, we can ensure that the equipment provided appropriately addresses the nuisance noise and is constructed to obtain the desired dB levels.

Designing a Custom Noise Enclosure

Once the noise data had been collected, it was important that an in-depth conversation takes place with both the owner and operators to ensure that the solution being provided would not interfere with the manufacturing process or the operator’s safety.  Through this process, it was determined that the access doors, inspection windows, and transportability of each enclosure would need to be considered when designing the structures.

In the end, a total of seven (7) noise enclosures were fabricated of 4” thick modular panels.  Enclosure sizes ranged from 54” x 54” x 66”  to 70”x 70” x 66”.

Each enclosure had the following features:

  • Powder coated galvanized steel outer shell.
  • Indoor construction
  • Four (4) inch thick Art-Whisper foam lined interior.
  • Four (4) inch thick removable side panels with handles
  • Forced air fan ventilation package. 115V/1PH/60Hz.
  • Two (2) swing-out doors
  • One (1) viewing window 12” x 12”.
  • Removable roof panels via lift off panels.
  • Lifting lugs installed to allow a one-piece lift off.

All of these features combined for an overall reduction in noise of 35 dBA!  SysTech’s custom design for these seven noise enclosures reduced the noise levels at the loudest swag machines from 110 dBA to 75 dBA.  All of this was completed without adding time to the manufacturing process or consuming additional plant floor space.

Communication is an important part of providing great service. Call SysTech today at 800-456-9460 and we will listen to your concerns and create a plan of action that solves your noise control issues.


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