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3 of 4 roof mounted Hartzell 78V MUAs

Completing an industrial ventilation project is a good feeling, and when we supply equipment that has proven longevity, we’re confident we’ve supplied a long-term successful design.   On this project SysTech used Hartzell Air Movement products. They are industrial-duty, high-quality, long-life equipment built to last!

SysTech Design was asked by a specialty metal manufacturer near Lancaster, Pennsylvania to replace two (2) rooftop exhaust fans that had deteriorated and were no longer in working order. When we inspected the existing equipment and discussed options with the client, it was discovered that not only was general ventilation an ongoing problem, but the plant needed additional heat for isolated areas in the facility. The potential hurdle for us was the fact that the end user had just newly insulated the walls and replaced the roof. Essentially, SysTech was restricted to using the four (4) existing roof openings where dated supply air fans were currently situated. The existing supply air fans were a problem during the winter months, not to mention the in-line shut-off dampers were no longer functional. This caused a constant induced draft of cold air during heating season.

A Hartzell Series 78V make up air unit

Knowing the client needed heat with the addition of general ventilation, SysTech offered the perfect match for this application – Hartzell Series 78V make-up air units. These units can supply outside air in summer months and heated make-up air in cold weather months, offering fresh air year-round.

By fabricating metal adapter sections to the existing roof curbs, SysTech enabled the client to use the existing roof openings, which prevented the end user from voiding the roof warranty and eliminated any concern for leakage. Additional installation savings were in hand because the electrical wiring was already in place. This, coupled with the use of the existing roof openings, was a significant purchasing value to our client, since risk of not voiding roof warranty was of utmost importance to the ownership group.

In addition to ventilation equipment that is built to last, Hartzell offers a Rapid Ship Program, which includes a fan and ventilator stocking program allowing for a 48-hour turn-around on equipment orders.

The 78V models are included in this program.  We’ve found that availability of heating products during the cold weather months is oftentimes very limited.  Not so with the Hartzell Rapid Ship Program, these make-up air units are in stock! These products also carry a 5-year warranty which is a significant value-added feature.

Need immediate heat this winter or supply air next year?  Call us at 800-456-9460, we can help!


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