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“We installed the system ourselves in one day!”

Encapsulating or isolating high dust generating areas within a larger fabrication and assembly plant is a highly effective means to improve indoor air quality.  Because of worker movement and the assembly/fabrication process, duct, hoods and a centralized dust collector, may not be the best approach.

Recently, SysTech received a request to provide dust collection in a production area within a larger manufacturing facility that housed offices, assembly area, product storage and shipping department.  The clean air challenge was a light loading of smoke and grinding dust from the fabrication of custom store presentation racks and shelving products.

Dust Control Booth Design

Sixteen (16) foot wide Walk-In Clean Air Station

Our evaluation determined that isolating the work area within a dust control booth was the best choice for the client.  There are several viable booth models and filtration systems available with final selection determined by the size of capture particulates, the level of filtration required and dust loading.  SysTech proposed a DualDraw Walk-In Clean Air Station with a Power Wall system based on the clients’ guidelines:

  • low capital cost
  • light dust loadings
  • plant compressed air shortage
  • filtration system using compressed air pulse noise was not an option
  • simple maintenance requirement for changeout of filters
  • low noise in and around the work space
  • adequate space to situate tables, benches, and equipment internal to the booth
  • clear/see through work station so operators and managers could view the booth interior from outside the booth.

DualDraw Power Wall assembly – Rear View

The Dual Draw Walk-In Clean Air Station provided was a four module wide booth, 16’ x 8’ x 8’.  Total capture and exhaust airflow for the unit was 20,000 CFM which was powered by an eight (8) fan design that evens out airflow across the suction surface internal to the booth.  The walk-in clean air station was constructed of aluminum walls and ceiling with noise blankets installed on the side walls.  The filtration system was comprised of 40% (MERV 8) pleated pre-filters and 95% (MERV 14) pleated final filters.  Other features included spark arrestors, strip curtains on booth front, pre-wired control panel, dust pans, regain system to channel air to the front of booth entrance adding an additional 35 FPM to total 140 FPM at the face of the booth and four (4) 2-bulb fluorescent light assemblies.

The Walk-In Clean Air Station showing interior noise blankets and associated electrical controls.

The noise and air quality requirements were met with booth interior noise levels of 75 to 80 dBA at the operator work zone and outside the booth 70 dBA which did not impact working operations around the space.  The client was impressed with the simplicity of installation which they took on themselves, and it required one day due to the ease of panel design and explicit instructions provided with the booth.  All DualDraw booths are assembled at the plant to ensure correct fit and function before shipment which results in less downtime and quicker uptime operation for new systems.  The Baltimore, Maryland based customer was pleased with the resultant air quality and noise reduction.

We precisely evaluate noise and air quality issues to determine the best course of action. Call SysTech at 800-456-9460 to find out how we can help.



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