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“We received them in two days, and they fit perfectly!”

– Production Manager

NFPA 68 “ Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting” details explosion vent installation and sizing criteria for processes where combustible dust is collected and stored. Explosion vents or relief panels are a suitable alternative when dealing with combustible dust in confined vessels like a dust collector or silo depending upon specific criteria including Kst and location. Should vents become damaged, with tears or punctures, it negates their design effectiveness, and immediate corrective action is required. Aside from the obvious safety issue, the process may generate a dust cloud thru the rupture point and a loss of product.

Photo of IEP Model CRVC Domed Explosion Relief Vent

SysTech received an inquiry from a New Jersey-based manufacturer of ceramic powders requesting three replacement vents with burst indicators for three storage silos. They had tears in their silo vents that were large enough that they had to shut down the manufacturing process until new vents were installed. (product in silos was proprietary) Replacement of the vents was time critical!

Although explosion vents are readily available in standard sizes, not so for this project, as their vents were an atypical size. Expected ship dates for standard size vents is typically 2 to 3 business days and custom vents 3 to 4 weeks. Our client needed the vents NOW!

An example of what can go wrong with a silo, and why preventing combustimble dust is important.


Kudos to our manufacturer, IEP Technologies, who recognized the clients’ needs and stepped up and produced three (3) IEP Model CRVC Domed Explosion Relief Vents, size 44”x 69” , in a two-day production window. The client received their custom explosion panels by the end of the week, and their process was up and running at full capacity in a safe mode!

Need a custom size or stocked standard size explosion vent? Need them right away? SysTech can get you vents ASAP!

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