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A specialty tubing manufacturer in New Jersey produces stainless steel and titanium tubing for the medical and aerospace industries. At the end of the production process the tubing is gradually cooled and encased in a nitrogen environment to maintain alloy composition, prevent oxidation and retain material surface brightness.

Our client had an existing nitrogen cooling / processing system which used two small pressure blowers; one on the “push” side and the other on the “pull” side of a series of twelve water cooled chambers.

All-welded conveying duct

Manifold Duct Assembly with stainless steel Morris couplings

The existing system was determined to be inefficient and an upgrade was needed to more quickly remove heat and uniformly cool the product. SysTech Design designed a recirculation system using a single belt driven fan, moving 3380 CFM of nitrogen gas. The fan, a Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Company manufactured product, was of all-welded construction and included a John Crane double segmented carbon bushing shaft seal to complete the “air tight” design. Cincinnati Fan specializes in providing atypical fan designs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and although this was a retrofit, it was a natural application/solution for their engineering department.

The all-welded conveying duct was manifolded into and out of each chamber ensuring the effectiveness of the nitrogen environment. Sections of the duct were connected together with stainless steel Morris couplings to meet tight space constraints and ease installation. A variable frequency drive was added to the final design to achieve optimal operating performance.

The result of the system upgrade was an increased product throughput from 200 feet per hour to 750 feet per hour. The updated system included a complete package offering, including: all components, installation and start-up services.

When your equipment needs an upgrade, call SysTech at 800-456-9460 to talk with our team of professionals. We will create a complete design that makes your business more productive!


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