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A large furniture manufacturer north of Pittsburgh, PA, installed a “State of the Art” computer controlled planer-saw-jointer system.  Upon start-up and subsequent production runs, the machinery was generating noise levels exceeding 100 dBA.

With concerns about the health and safety of the operators, the EH&S manager reached out to SysTech Design for assistance.  Recognizing a cost-effective sound enclosure was required, SysTech Design performed a complete process analysis which included:

  • sound level sampling around the machinery
  • material flow requirements
  • necessary exposure point identification
  • operator stations
  • frequent access locations required for maintenance

A flexible wall & ceiling barrier noise control enclosure

Presented with the options of either a noise enclosure with rigid walls and roof or a sound enclosure constructed of noise control curtains, the client selected the flexible wall acoustic construction.  The movability of the curtain system was a deciding factor.  The enclosure is 55’ long x 38’ wide x 10’ tall and included a floor mounted support structure, access doors, viewing windows and control panel ventilation points.

The QCC-10QQ noise curtain panels supplied by Noise Suppression Technology have aluminum faced quilted fiberglass absorber on both sides of the non-reinforced loaded vinyl barrier.  Each barrier panel is fabricated using the NSTI Model QCC-10QQ curtains of the proper sizes and with openings and windows as required for access and material flow.

Each panel is furnished with Velcro self-adhering nylon closures along the entire length of each edge.  Support points at the top of each panel are reinforced at grommet locations not more than 12” apart.  The enclosure includes the roof panels, corner strips, support hardware, field repair kit and assembly instructions.

After system installation, final testing results indicated an18-20 dBA noise reduction at the operator’s locations, well within the OSHA 85 dBA 8-hour limit.

There are several ways to control noise from woodworking machinery and equipment.  Reach out to us at 800-456-9460. We can advise you on the best resolution based on our success with other manufacturers.

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