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Pharmaceutical, Food, and Vitamin Manufacturing Ventilation

Gummy or gummi products are more than candy and are increasingly popular for dispensing vitamins, supplements, medicines, food products, and cannabis. The essential ingredients to produce gummies include gelatin, cornstarch, water, and sugar, with drugs, vitamins, or nutrients added as directed. These products will produce dust that needs to be captured and safely collected. While the use of gummy products today is evident, they are expected to expand dramatically through 2030 as manufacturing technology improves.


Total Dust Collection System CFM: 4,400 CFM
Extraction Arm CFM: 150 CFM each
Dust Collector: Donaldson Torit DLMC 1/7/15
Exhaust Fan: Cincinnati HDBI-180 w/ 20HP Motor
Explosion Protection: IEP Technologies IsoFlap, XP Products Drum Kit, Explosion Relief Vent
Noise Control: Fan outlet silencer
Controls: AyrDyne Control Panel w/ Variable Frequency Drive

A gummy vitamin manufacturing facility in the Mid-Atlantic region contracted SysTech to control fugitive powdered ingredients during manufacturing, mixing and batching processes. Due to the materials’ characteristics, it is important to control nuisance dust migration to prevent contamination of other processes and to protect the adjacent equipment and HVAC systems from issues that can arise when powders and dyes get into sensitive equipment and controls.

A dust collection system was installed, with an envelope filter bag style dust collector that is equipped with explosion protection, source capture extraction arms, and noise attenuation.

A Donaldson Model DLMC 1/7/15 was selected because of its resilient filters and unique engineered filter cleaning technology. This technology allows the unit to handle difficult dusts that tend to harden, cake, or become sticky. Cartridge-style and bag-tube dust collectors are challenging to apply to these applications.

Donaldson dust collector with envelope bags suitable for sticky dust.

Donaldson dust collector with envelope bags suitable for sticky dust

The explosion protection equipment included explosion vents, as the collector was located outside in a safe area, an inlet duct isolation valve to prevent an explosion from moving back into the plant, and an outlet hopper designed to prevent gases from exiting. 

To protect the industrial park neighbors from any nuisance noise resulting from the dust collection system, a 75 dBA discharge silencer was supplied on the outlet of the exhaust fan.

To enable source capture, a Movex Model MET-2100 with a 14” domed PTEG Hood was selected because of the room’s product movement requirements and to avoid a flex hose that could hold dust and materials and cause staining and discoloration. 

Extraction arm designed for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing environments.

Extraction arm designed for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing environments

Source capture of fume or dust is accomplished with adjustable extraction arms and engineered hoods that maximize capture. Maintaining capture can be challenging, as room cross-drafts caused by HVAC systems or traffic near the operation can disrupt efficient capture. It is critical to capture minimal airborne products when loading bags or receivers to prevent excessive product collection.

Movex Model MET-2100

A Movex Model MET-2100 without the hood attached, positioned at a weight station

SysTech was responsible for the full system design, equipment selection, engineering, and installation.  If dealing with any similar materials or processes, we have the expertise and experience to help guide you in the selection of the appropriate equipment to better protect your facility, your air and your personnel.  


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