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HVAC System Noise Control

View of above-ground silencer bank on

one of the HVAC system intakes

A sizable scientific research building complex produced noise levels from HVAC system intakes, which irritated neighbors and exceeded local noise ordinances. The facility ownership addressed the concerns and instituted a noise study by an independent noise consulting firm to identify the noise source. The firm was contracted and submitted a comprehensive noise study with its findings and recommendations. They identified the noise issue as low resonance emanating from the basement HVAC equipment. Low-frequency noise, from about 10 Hz to 200 Hz, has been recognized as an environmental noise issue for some people.

At this point, SysTech was asked to recommend and provide the necessary attenuation equipmentThe airflow into each HVAC system intake was 120,000 CFM, and six intakes were scattered about the campus that were addressed in the project analysis and design.      

Banks of noise attenuators were installed at each intake point. Multiple attenuator sections were necessary because of the opening size and the number of pieces needed to cover the large intake areas.   

Noise analysis was performed after the installation to confirm the project installation met attenuation requirements. Testing results came back positive, and the issue was put to rest.  

Sound is a part of all ventilation systems, and addressing noise issues is what we do. Call SysTech for ventilation noise issues



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