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Downingtown, PA Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc – Regional Office Technical Services

SysTech Design: Explosion Protection Systems

The industrial ventilation “umbrella” covers the discipline of industrial dust collection and where dust or product is collected, transported and packaged, a potential explosion issue related to combustible dust needs addressed.

The Downingtown office personnel direct all industrial explosion protection strategies that are designed to address combustible dust and hybrid applications. The explosion protection plan of action that is implemented is based on the potential severity and proper mitigation of dust and hybrid dust that might result in a catastrophic event.  From initial dust testing, equipment selection, final installation and periodic maintenance services for your explosion protection system, SysTech will be available to provide the support you need.

If you’re updating, expanding or changing the application for an existing system we can offer the best practical solution. We frequently retrofit and update equipment from many manufactures to meet Code and have installed explosion suppression systems, explosion vents and NFPA approved accessories on over 10 different manufacturers of dust collectors and process vessels. Before you relocate or replace a piece of equipment check to see if it can be used in the new application or updated and modified to NFPA criteria before a major capital expenditure.

Dust, Fume & Mist Collectors in Downingtown, PA

Dust collection and clean air are integral to an effective industrial ventilation system.

Downingtown, PA Industrial Noise Control

Custom noise control enclosures designed to meet attenuation requirements.

Downingtown, PA Noise Control Systems

Manufacturing and equipment sounds that become excessive noise is a common request addressed by SysTech.  We are experienced in developing industrial noise control solutions that meet OSHA and NIOSH regulations for a wide range of industrial environments and manufacturing sites. Whether inside a facility and impacting the workforce or outside the facility where it affects surrounding residential areas, noise is a significant issue that companies continually need to address.

The environmental impact caused by industrial processes such as vent blow-offs, rooftop fans and HVAC equipment, chillers, cooling towers, oil and gas building ventilation systems, power gen engines, and other noise generating processes can be addressed by installing various types of noise abatement equipment. We partner with the leading manufacturers of industrial noise control products and systems to offer a broad range of reliable industrial noise control solutions.

Downingtown, PA Industrial Ventilation Specialists

SysTech’s Industrial ventilation systems encompass air cleaning, air tempering, air moving, explosion protection, and noise attenuation. Each is an important component to ensuring a clean, comfortable and safe industrial facility.

SysTech Design is a solution provider for industrial ventilation projects typically requiring fans & blowers for process and general ventilation, air pollution control, dust collection, noise attenuation, and explosion protection. SysTech is a company that began in 1985 as a manufacturer’s representative located near Harrisburg, PA. Application knowledge was acquired by installing and servicing ventilation systems and meeting the constraints of useable space, time, and handling of funky material. As projects developed, the need for explosion protection became a critical accompaniment to material handling, specifically combustible dust and noise issues from process machinery continues to increase.

Our clients have ventilation issues in single buildings to very large manufacturing and production facilities, including those in pharmaceuticals, spice, food, oil & gas, aerospace, education (High School and Collegiate level), heavy industrial, machine shops, metal fabrication, and waste treatment.

Baltimore, MD

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Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

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Downingtown, PA – Industrial Ventilation System Integrator

SysTech Design specializes in industrial ventilation applications were cleaning the air, moving the air, and tempering the air, results in a cleaner and safer work environment. We are often asked to be the system integrator, bringing together equipment, engineering consultants, installation, system testing, and startup services into a complete packaged system. We provide ventilation equipment, including fans, blowers, dust collectors, and MUA units, along with duct, explosion protection, and noise control systems. We include custom control panels to interconnect with the process and building controls to provide a single point control. From the initial planning to commissioning the project is our responsibility.

SysTech Design: Service and Support Areas

The Downingtown office is the single point location for handling all explosion protection and noise attenuation project planning. When projects have been thoroughly reviewed, client contact responsibility is forwarded to the satellite offices and the appropriate regional manager for handling.

Start-up of an explosion suppression system.

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