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Easton, MD Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc. – Service to the Eastern Shore & Parts of West Virginia

Easton, MD Industrial Dust Collectors

As a systems integration company, we understand the need for excellent industrial ventilation systems in Easton, MD. We offer design, installation, and maintenance services for industrial dust collection systems, providing you with a custom solution to air quality control. We specifically procure and fabricate dust collection components that meet the demands of your operations. No matter your industry, we can deliver tailored equipment suited to your needs.

Proper dust and fume collection prevents the spread of particulates throughout your indoor facilities and into the environment. We offer walkthroughs and virtual inspections to gain a deeper understanding of your processes. Our experts can also provide dust testing services in Easton, MD, to make sure your worksite is up-to-code and adhering to the standards of safety and environmental regulations. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our system integrators in Easton, MD.


Easton, MD Industrial Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors work to purify the air in your Easton work site. 

Easton, MD Industrial Explosion Systems

Explosion suppression systems are integrated into dust collectors as a form of protection.

Easton, MD Industrial Explosion and Fire Protection Systems

SysTech Design is the leading provider of industrial explosion and fire protection systems in Easton, MD. We create customized solutions for a variety of industries, particularly those handling combustible dust and vapors. Combustible dust is one of the main causes of large explosions in industrial work sites, creating widespread damage. Our fire and explosion protection systems are designed with dust management in mind to help reduce the spread of any potential explosions.

We offer both active and passive explosion protection equipment in Easton, MD. Explosion vents, panels, and isolation valves are considered passive forms of protection while chemical suppression and isolation devices are active, detecting explosion pressure as it builds. Through consultation with our Easton clients, we assess the needs of their company to design a tailored fire and explosion protection system. 

Easton, MD Industrial Noise Control Solutions

Noise control is an essential aspect of quality industrial system design. Managing the noise in your facility helps to maintain a productive and healthy environment for employees. Our industrial noise control solutions in Easton, MD, are engineered to reduce the volume and unwanted spread of sound from your equipment. Whether you are purchasing new equipment or modifying existing infrastructure, we can integrate noise reduction technology into your systems.

From fan and stack silencers to strategically placed barriers and enclosures, we can find the perfect solution that meets the needs of your company. With years of experience serving the Easton area, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the local regulations and noise ordinates. Our team can assess your site to determine the best noise reduction strategy for your work site.


Easton, MD Industrial Noise Control Systems

Custom noise control enclosures designed to meet attenuation requirements in Easton, MD.

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