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Erie, PA Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc. – Service to Northern Pennsylvania and Northern Ohio

Industrial Explosion Protection Systems in Erie, PA

When adding or updating process equipment in your Erie facility, it is crucial to implement proper protection explosion protection. When combustible dust and vapors are present in your work site, you must take preventative measures to avoid disaster. SysTech provides industrial explosion protection systems in Erie, PA, to help mitigate these concerns.

Our team works on a client-by-client basis, addressing their specific needs with a personalized explosion protection plan. Our process begins with dust testing to determine which explosion protection system is needed. The explosion suppression systems and explosion vents we offer in Erie, PA, follow the strict standards of NFPA.

We ensure all systems are up-to-code and adhering to local and federal requirements. After selecting the equipment, our professionals provide on-site installation and system integration. We offer periodic maintenance for companies in Erie, making sure your systems are functioning optimally over time.


Explosion Protection

Dust collection and clean air are integral to an effective industrial ventilation system in Erie, PA.

Erie, PA Industrial Noise Control Systems

Custom noise control enclosures designed to meet attenuation requirements in Erie, PA.

Erie, PA Industrial Noise Control Systems

Without efficient noise control, the equipment in your facility can become overwhelming loud, sometimes resulting in hearing loss. This is a common concern for manufacturing facilities in Erie, PA. SysTech Design specializes in industrial noise control solutions, helping local Erie companies maintain a quiet and comfortable work environment.

Our noise control systems in Erie, PA, are backed by OSHA and NIOSH, adhering to all industrial regulations. Whether the noise is a problem for workers or nearby residential areas, our company can provide you with a tailored solution for noise abatement. We can take precise measurements and analysis for sound intensity, sound power, occupational noise, zoning compliance, and more. By tracing the noise to its source, we can suggest the best solutions for your facility. We provide a variety of noise control equipment including fan silencers, exhaust silencers, noise control enclosures, acoustic wraps, and more.


Erie, PA Industrial Dust Collectors

Dust collectors are an essential feature of many industrial facilities in Erie, PA. These devices work to filter the air from your equipment, collecting dust and vapor particulates. A dust collector can keep your workers safe and reduce environmental impact. 

SysTech designs and install industrial dust collection systems in Erie, PA. We can inspect your equipment and particulates to determine the best course of action. The components used in your dust collector are influenced by the physical and chemical composition of the particulate, process exhaust conditions, air flow requirements, and other critical factors. 

We offer a variety of dust and vapor collectors in Erie including dry dust collectors, wet dust collectors, ducted pollution control systems, and self-contained dust collectors. Our team works with your company to develop a system catered to your specific needs.

Erie, PA Industrial Dust Collectors

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Industrial Dust Collection & Explosion Protection

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Erie, PA – Industrial Ventilation System Integration

Industrial companies in Erie, PA, can rely on SysTech Design for any of their ventilation needs. Our company specializes in industrial ventilation systems that clean, temper, and move the air in your work facility. As system integrators, we handle the entire setup from system design to installation and startup. Our ventilation equipment includes fans, blowers, dust collectors, MUA units, and more.

With integrated explosion protection and noise control, our ventilation specialists provide everything you need to guarantee safe operations. For ease of use, we install intuitive control panels that connect to each of your systems. This allows for easy handling of your processes from a single control point. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our industrial ventilation system integrators in Erie, PA. 


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