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Frederick, MD Dust Collection, Explosion Protection & Noise Control Systems

SysTech Design, Inc. – Service to Western Maryland and Parts of West Virginia

Frederick, MD Industrial Dust Collection System

Dust collection is a core process of industrial operations in Frederick, MD. These systems work to filter the air, removing any dust, fumes, or other particulates. By implementing a quality dust collector, you can improve the safety conditions for workers and reduce the environmental footprint of your facility. SysTech specializes in dust and fume collection system integration, developing a unique system equipped with specialized components tailored to your needs.

Our dust collectors in Frederick, MD, come with fire and explosion protection features. We offer routine maintenance for these systems, swapping filters as necessary and making sure everything is running smoothly. With quick installations, our experts can get your dust collector set up in no-time. Contact us today to speak with one of our dust collection specialists in Frederick, MD. We can answer any inquiries or schedule a consultation to discuss the needs of your company.

Frederick, MD Industrial Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors work to purify the air in your Frederick work site. 

Frederick, MD Industrial Ventilation Systems

Frederick, MD Industrial Ventilation Systems

SysTech Design specializes in industrial ventilation systems integration for manufacturing facilities in Frederick, MD. We work with your company to create a cohesive ventilation system that ensures optimal air circulation and filtration. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial ventilation systems in Frederick, MD.

Industrial Explosion and Fire Protection Systems in Frederick, MD

Without preventative systems in place, your manufacturing facilities in Frederick, MD, may be susceptible to fires and explosions. SysTech works with local companies, providing them with industrial explosion and fire protection systems. Our solutions are designed following the standards defined by NFPA. Offering a variety of both passive and active systems, we can personalize your fire and explosion protection strategy to fit the requirements of your operations in Frederick, MD.

Whether you need protection against explosion propagation, explosion isolation, chemical suppressors, sprinklers, or dust collection maintenance, our Frederick system integrators can help equip your facility. Rest comfortably knowing your work site is safeguarded against the hazards of fire and explosion. You can depend on our company to design, install, and maintain your industrial systems. Call today for a consultation with one of our providers in Frederick, MD.

Fire and Explosion Protection Systems in Frederick, MD

Explosion suppression systems help protect your facility in Frederick, MD,

Frederick, MD Industrial Noise Control Systems

Custom noise control enclosures designed to meet attenuation requirements in Frederick, MD.

Frederick, MD Industrial Noise Control Solutions

If your work site suffers from disruptive noise, SysTech provides an effective solution with our industrial noise control equipment in Frederick, MD. Consistently loud environments threaten the health of employees and hinder critical communication. We implement noise control technology into the existing design of your work place, targeting specific sources of sound to reduce their impact and limit their spread. 

One of the best ways to minimize noise in your Frederick work space is investing in high-quality, durable equipment. If you are looking to upgrade your systems, we can replace any noisy ventilation equipment. Our experts provide noise source identification to determine the most cost-effective targets for noise attenuation. Whether you require enclosures, fan silencers, dampening pads, or other noise reduction solutions, we can design and install your system for a seamless integration.  


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