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Industrial Dust and Fume Collection Systems

Dust and fume collection systems are typically comprised of a filtration device, in this case, a dust collector, a fan, duct and fittings, hoods at the source, electrical control panel (often with a VFD), damper, silencers, and fire or explosion protection devices. They comprise a large part of the air pollution control market and are at the forefront of airborne dust control. Their significance lies in the fact that particulate less than 100 microns pose a significant health risk because they can be inhaled and enter the lungs. These systems are a synergist collection of all products required to successfully collect, convey, and clean polluted or dirty airstreams.  Whether wood dust, oil mist, pharmaceutical recovery products, welding fume, etc., SysTech has always addressed complete systems, taking sole-source responsibility!  Our projects are a success because all the necessary pieces of equipment work together to provide a long lasting, efficient system.

Key Factors for Collection System Design

There are two key areas we focus on when reviewing a new system layout.  First, the geometry and chemistry of particulate in the air stream which determines the way we configure and select components.  Clean air system flow control components such as multibladed dampers on the “dirty side” can no longer be used as they would gum up or fail prematurely.  The second key factor is keeping particulate in suspension after it is collected and than conveyed to the filtration device.  Should equipment slowly fail or breakdown, particulate settling in the duct creates potential duct collapse, leaks in the duct, fire and explosion potential, additional static pressure loses with increases in fan horsepower, fan wheel abrasion, and imbalance.

Our systems are divided into two categories:

Ducted Pollution Control Systems – These systems are also termed central systems meaning the pollution control device or dust collector is located away from the process collection point.  It is critical when evaluating systems that all the components included are of equal quality and value.  The major components would include the dust or mist collector, capture hood, conveying duct, flex connectors, fan dampers, and HEPA filters assemblies. Also, duct layout, start-up and commissioning services, and controls need to be closely evaluated.

Self-Contained Dust Collectors – Self-contained dust collectors are a system in that they include all the items in a ducted system without the duct.  These would include smaller cartridge and envelope bag collectors, portable dust collectors, downdraft benches, downdraft tables, portable equipment, and environmental control booths.

SysTech has developed quite a few systems since 1985. We configure industrial dust and fume collection systems using quality components and the proper materials of construction.  Examples are:

Industrial Dust and Fume Collection System Design Considerations

Dust Collection System design is about:

  • Maintaining airflow thru system to minimize particulate and material deposition
  • Minimizing noise levels from components
  • Minimizing the pressure loses thru the system with proper duct and fitting configuration
  • Minimizing horsepower requirements
  • Maximizing capture with hoods with correct airflow
  • Maintaining the integrity of duct and components by selection of proper materials of construction

Industrial Dust and Fume Collection System Components

Industrial Dampers and Louvers – Industrial dampers may be used to adjust airflow on the clean air side of the pollution control device.  Materials of construction will vary depending upon airstream constituents.

Industrial Duct Systems – Industrial duct systems are sized and constructed for the materials being conveyed.  Duct, elbows and fitting options including carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, FRP, and PVC are all options.

Flexible Connectors – Duct connected to a fan or blower requires a flex connector for vibration isolation.  If noise is an issue, these connectors can be fitted with acoustic treatment to prevent breakout noise from the fan.

Industrial Exhausters – Select an industrial exhauster with the maximum efficiency while meeting performance requirements is important.

Fan Silencers – Fan and blower silencers are selected to attenuate noise from either the fan discharge which may or may not be ducted back into the facility. Silencers on the fan inlet prevent noise radiating back thru the collection system into the plant.

Electrical Controls – Electrical Control packages to monitor fan motor speed, dust collector pulse cleaning, and explosion protection devices along with standard start-stop switches and disconnects.

Dust and Fume Collectors – The dust or fume collector receives a lot of scrutiny because of their obvious filtration importance.  But, meeting code, efficiency, longevity and maintenance requirements need to be considered as well.

Industrial Dust and Fume Collection Manufacturers

We represent the most trusted manufacturers and offer a full selection of products to meet most industrial air system applications.

American Warming & Ventilating
As a proven engineering and manufacturing company of louvers and dampers, American Warming and Ventilating is a leader in the air control industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality products, American Warming and Ventilating has become the trusted name for industrial air systems control.

Donaldson CompanyTORIT®
Donaldson serves the needs of industrial air system developers by offering clamp together Easy Duct™ air conveying duct and fittings to reduce installation time and flexibility should a process need to be altered.

Dual Draw

Dual Draw manufactures downdraft tables and benches in custom design configurations.  These self-contained dust collectors offer a multitude of advantages for isolated dust and fume collection conditions.

Industrial Plastics Fabricators Ltd

IPF Limited is a manufacturer of custom fabricated plastic and fiberglass contact molded products, specializing in chemical applications & pollution control equipment.

If you’re in need of a complete dust or fume collection system, SysTech is readily available to help you develop an air quality control solution.

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