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Columbia, MD Industrial Fans & Blowers

Industrial Fan Supplier in Columbia, MD

Industrial fans and blowers are specifically designed to support the consistent ventilation needs of warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, and other large open buildings. Industrial fans are engineered with reliability and durability in mind, helping to minimize downtime on operations. SysTech Design supplies industrial fans and blowers in Columbia, MD. Our inventory features a wide variety of fan types including axial fans, centrifugal fans, and special-purpose fans.

As a full-service industrial ventilation company, we also provide support for new and existing fans. Our industrial fan services in Columbia, MD, include installation, retrofitting, maintenance, inspection, and repairs. We cross-reference size and performance for a variety of industrial fan manufacturers including Chicago Blower, Hartzell Air Movement, New York Blower, Cincinnati Fan, IAP, AirPro Fan, and many others. With both virtual and on-site support, we offer timely and convenient assistance for clients throughout the area. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in upgrading or restoring your ventilation system.

Columbia, MD Industrial Fans

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Roof Exhaust Fan in Columbia, MD

Industrial Ventilation Fans in Columbia, MD

SysTech Design supplies and services general ventilation fans in Columbia, MD. General ventilation fans facilitate the movement of clean air throughout industrial spaces, serving to regulate area temperature, diminish odors, and enhance air quality. These fans, such as propeller fans and wall and roof ventilators, are engineered to direct airflow effectively and can be utilized to manage negative pressure applications. Industrial ventilation fans circulate significant volumes of uncontaminated air within a space, contributing to building air tempering, air quality enhancement, and potential odor reduction. Both propeller fans and roof fans belong to a category of general ventilation fans, offering directional airflow control, temperature regulation, and assistance in mitigating negative pressures.

Propeller fans, including ring and panel variations, serve as solutions for regulating temperatures, handling smoke and heat exhaust, and facilitating general ventilation in various facilities. Available in standard and reverse flow configurations, these fans can be outfitted with low-noise rings to ensure minimal disruption in noise-sensitive environments. With their ability to efficiently move air, propeller fans play a crucial role in maintaining comfortable and safe conditions by aiding in smoke removal, temperature control, and overall air circulation within spaces.

Rooftop-mounted fans are shipped as packaged units, offering versatility in exhaust, intake, reversible, or recirculating modes. These fans encompass various types, including upblast exhausters, hooded and recirculating roof ventilators, upblast and smoke ventilators, and centrifugal dome wall and upblast roof ventilators. Designed to be mounted on rooftops, these ventilators provide efficient airflow management for a range of applications in industrial settings.

Process Ventilation Fans & Blowers in Columbia, MD

In addition to general ventilation fans, we also supply and service process ventilation fans in Columbia, MD. Process ventilation fans are essential for managing contaminated airflows, whether it involves moving, controlling, or containing them. The air being handled could be laden with corrosive fumes, airborne particles, or high temperatures. Depending on the specific needs, either axial or centrifugal fan designs are chosen for the task.

Axial fans operate by pressuring air and moving it along the same plane/direction with a propeller. They are equipped to handle small to large quantities of air at low static pressures and temperatures. Great for cooling down processes and general areas, they are available in many sizes, direct or belt-driven, with construction available in painted carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Centrifugal process fans, such as backward curved centrifugal fans, square-type BC fans, swing-out centrifugal fans, plug fans, double-wide centrifugal fans, in-line centrifugal fans, industrial exhausters, flange-mounted industrial exhausters, and turbo pressure blowers, excel at handling particulates and operating at higher pressures compared to axial flow fans. Their fan wheels are oriented at a 90-degree angle from the output, unlike axial fans, making them suitable for applications like material conveying and moving “dirty air” in high-temperature airstreams.

Pressure blowers are constructed from painted steel, stainless steel, or cast aluminum, making them versatile in many environments. These centrifugal fans can be applied in high-pressure environments, such as supplying combustion air or conveying material. Because they are easily modified and require minimal space envelope, they are frequently encountered in OEM applications.

Centrifugal Process Fans in Columbia, MD

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