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Sound Enclosures

A highly effective means for controlling localized industrial noise is to install an encapsulating sound enclosure to contain and absorb noise where reduced sound levels are required. Because almost every in-place noise issue is in a different environment, each application is a custom design.

How does SysTech address these issues? This is what we do…

There are two (2) basic categories of enclosures based on construction. Both are used in sound enclosure applications such as:

  • Containment of machinery
  • Process enclosures
  • Facility dividers
  • Movable screens
  • Engine housing
  • Compressor/pump/fan enclosures
  • Factory quiet areas
  • Control rooms

Noise Control Curtains

Adapting flexible curtains to sound enclosure assembly provides efficient noise control. The sound proofing curtain systems are an economical, high performance, noise control product possessing high mechanical strength. They are fire safe, easily cleanable, resistant to dust, dirt, oils and most chemicals, and give a long service life. Curtains reduce reverberant noise energy and offer a 7-10 dB reduction. Curtain enclosures sometimes referred to as “softwall” noise enclosures, are available which combine a high-mass noise control barrier with a lightweight acoustical fiberglass absorber, are designed to both contain and absorb noise, and offer an average of 12-15 dB reduction. Options include:

  • Grommets and Velcro on edges
  • Steel framing (self-supported or ceiling mounted)
  • High-temp and outdoor facings
  • Decorative facings
  • Standard or custom colors
  • Clear view windows
  • Roof systems
  • Access panels and doors
  • Vent kits
  • Tracked panels

Benefits to a “soft-wall” enclosure include:

  • Quick access
  • Movable
  • Durability – with chemical and oil resistance
  • Cost effectiveness – compared with metal enclosures
  • Easy assembly – no special installation required
  • Flexibility – movable and reusable
  • Fire safety – with low smoke configurations

Noise Enclosures

Another effective type of sound enclosure is a rigid metal enclosure. The standard wall is constructed of an 18 GA solid exterior skin with a 22 GA interior perforated liner, and a 4 lb/cu. ft. density acoustic fill core. Options for other types of wall construction are available. With an STC of up to 41, metal enclosures are designed to both contain and absorb noise, and to act as a barrier between noisy and quiet areas. Attenuation expected is 20 to 25 dBA. Options include:

  • Clear view windows used to view machinery in operation
  • Roof systems
  • Ventilation systems for heat removal
  • Louvers and ventilators
  • Access panels
  • Single or double seal doors
  • Custom cut-outs to accommodate existing gauges, hoses, valves, and conduit
  • Outdoor and high-temp models available

SysTech offers both standard and custom designed sound enclosure systems and can help you to determine the best sound enclosure option to suit your needs.

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