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Fume Extraction Arms

Capture of fume, smoke and dust at the source cannot always be accomplished with fixed ducted systems with hoods. The point of capture may change rapidly, the capture point may be in a tight space, the piece or assembly may be too large to encapsulate, or a fixed hooded system gets in the way of productivity. When this happens, flexible extraction arms with scoop hoods are the best solution available.  They have extended reach or can be extracted and positioned out of the way to save space.

What is a Flex Arm?

A flex arm is called by many names including weld fume extractor, laboratory fume extractor, fume arm, flexible fume collector, weld smoke extractor, articulating arm, boom arm, fume extractor, and just plain extractor. They are typically mounted to a fume or dust system to collect a pollutant at its source and are adjustable and moveable to get into tight corners to maximize capture.

These “arms” are comprised of a hose of optional diameters, a rigid member (s) such as a rod or tube, either on the inside or outside of the flex and trunk, there are sections of pipe along the hose, booms to extend the length of the arm, stations, dampers, hoods, lights, switches for a fan, and a fan or exhauster. Arms are designed for the airstream temperatures and constituents, explosive materials, oils, etc. Many of the explosion rated designs come with ATEX Approvals, so you know they have been checked, tested and approved for use in those rated spaces.

Arms are rated by airflow and the amount of static pressure loss when used in an extended or retracted position. They have a great work radius or reach, but it will cost in static resistance and horsepower. Where applicable and used responsibly, they are an invaluable tool for a clean air solution.

Industrial Fume and Dust Extraction Arms

Extraction arms have a multiplicity of uses for industrial applications. Source capture arms are mobile and can be positioned strategically at an isolated capture point or within/without a large structure or assembly. Local extractors are commonly used for weld fume and dust mitigation. An industrial grade arm allows particulate to be captured at the point of generation, prior to aerial suspension.

Stringent government regulations pertaining to worker exposure limits for hazardous dusts and fumes continue to increase each year. A local extraction arm is an excellent way to remove airborne toxins before they have a chance to enter your workers breathing zone.

Extraction arms offer a variety of options:

  • Completely external support system ensures minimal pressure drop
  • Hose dimensions available in: 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” diameters
  • Available in lengths from 5’ to 29’
  • Optional ceiling, floor or pillar mounting
  • PVC-coated polyamide fabric hose in dark blue or corrosion-resistant PE coating
  • Grounded, anti-static models for explosive dusts or electronics manufacturing

Weld Fume Extraction Arms

Weld smoke collection is a typical application for the use of flexible articulated arms. The ability to position arms above or around a product or assembly and capture smoke and fume make it a secure choice for control of emissions.


Laboratory Fume Extraction Arms

Arms specifically designed for laboratories are applied in pharmaceutical settings, schools, and hospitals. A source capture extractor arm allows a particulate or gas to be captured at the point of generation, rather than escaping into the workplace.

In laboratory settings, many of the substances used are a health concern for employees. A local extraction arm is an excellent way to remove airborne toxins before they have a chance to spread into your facility. Additionally, the high dollar value of certain compounds in pharmaceutical settings makes reclamation via source capture a cost effective strategy.

Laboratory extraction arms feature a variety of options:

  • Specially designed aerodynamic joint results in low pressure drop
  • 3’’ diameter; multiple arm lengths available
  • Ceiling mountings in eight standard lengths, wall brackets, and flexible bench mounting
  • Standard model constructed of polypropylene joints and tubes of anodized aluminum
  • Variants available for corrosive, explosive, and anti-static environments.
  • Accessories including suction nozzle, metal hood, dome hood, shovel hood, flat screen hood

Need help getting all the smoke and fume collected? Give us a call and we can offer a solution without slowing down production. We’ll select the best extraction arm available for your application.

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