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Acoustic Louvers

Acoustical louvers can effectively reduce noise exiting from a building through designed ventilation openings. They are part of the intake/exhaust of industrial ventilation systems where exiting noise is a critical factor.

SysTech has acoustical louvers, suited to a variety of industrial duty air control applications, which are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency. In many instances, these are readily available as stock items or custom designs with short lead times.

Types Of Acoustic Louvers

Acoustic louvers are available with inclined flat or aerodynamic blades. Aerodynamic blades are used in applications where high airflow efficiency is required. All blades have a top covering of aluminum and a bottom covering of perforated aluminum, with the blade interiors packed with sound absorbing insulation that is both fire and water resistant.

Standard louver specifications are:

  • Blade depth: 6”, 8” or 12”
  • Blade Type: Inclined flat or aerodynamic
  • Sizes: Minimum size: 12” x 15” and maximum size: 72” x 96”
  • Blade angle: 45⁰
  • Water penetration: at 800-1125 fpm
  • Typical free area: 22-30 %
  • AMCA certified for water penetration and air performance

In applications where covering larger areas is required, louvers are positioned together to gain maximum coverage.

Acoustic Louver Materials of Construction

Acoustical louvers are designed like industrial metal louvers, but with sound absorbing insulation within the extruded aluminum blades. The fibrous media insulation allows for noise absorbance efficiency to the point where they tend to reduce more noise than free-standing sound reduction enclosures.

Available add-on options:

  • Bird screen
  • Flanges
  • Powder-coat finish

Applications of Acoustic Louvers

Acoustic louvers are practically applied when space is limited and where conventional sound attenuators cannot be installed. Typical applications where acoustic louvers are often seen:

  • Foundries
  • Large industrial facilities
  • Compressor buildings
  • Industrial cooling towers
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Boiler rooms
  • Pump rooms

No matter the application, you can trust SysTech for the best solution when it comes to your noise attenuation needs.

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