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Ventilation for Large Industrial Buildings

Industrial steel buildings are those structures fabricated with internal steel supports and an exterior wrap of steel sheeting.  These pre-engineered metal buildings in an industrial environment, can be quite large and their ventilation requirements include addressing internal building temperature fluctuations, air quality issues and noise concerns.

SysTech provides both the ventilation design approach for these large space ventilation projects and the components needed for a complete ventilation system solution.

Large Building Ventilation Applications

Applications for large space ventilation are numerous:

Considerations when designing Large Ventilation Systems

Design considerations include:

  • Air changes per hour (ACH)
  • BTUH equipment heat rejection
  • Solar loads
  • State and/or local ordinances
  • Environmental considerations
  • Permissible Noise Levels (PNL)
  • Equipment layout within a facility
  • Stratification of air temperatures with the facility
  • Site location
  • Local weather
  • Potential of hazardous gases
  • Available power

Components for Large Building Ventilation Projects

Components for the ventilation system:

  • Supply and Exhaust Fans – in wall or roof configurations
  • Cooler Fan Silencers
  • Louvers, Dampers & Diffusers
  • Side Access Filter Housings
  • Ridge Vents
  • Intake Hoods -weather and gooseneck designs
  • SysTech custom Ventilation Modules
  • Electric Unit Heaters
  • EXP Unit Heaters – catalytic, electric or hot water
  • HVAC Units
  • EXP Gas detection Purge Systems
  • Electrical Control Packages

Steel or sheet metal buildings are pre-engineered rigid-frame buildings with roof exhaust and wall supply openings, with fan powered ventilation modules circulating large volumes of air.  SysTech has designed ventilation projects using the principles of air changes per hour, dilution of concentrated contaminants or source capture of a pollutant.  Air change and dilution designs employ passive or natural ventilation or active or mechanical ventilation techniques.

Each ventilation design package is tailored to available utilities, local weather conditions, hazardous and/or explosive nature of the conveyed gases, ambient air quality, occupational safety and comfort, number of personnel on site, noise criteria and specific requirements required by a client. Our Natural Gas Compressor Station Case Study demonstrates SysTech’s commitment to the customization of our steel building ventilation systems.

Important Criteria When Designing Large Building Facility Ventilation Systems

Important criteria when designing large building ventilation systems:

  • Heat – Furnaces, heat treat ovens, plating lines, spray dryers and large compressors produce large volumes of heat that need to be exhausted from the building to run properly.
  • Noise – Noise is generated by the ventilating fans, turbine and engine exhausts, the machinery of production or perhaps construction machinery when the facility is being constructed. We need to address noise mitigation not only at the facility but the impact to the community surrounding the facility. Noise levels at property lines are a significant factor at well site locations. SysTech has addressed mitigating building noise with custom designed our own SysTech Lo-Noise™ ventilation modules. Click here to learn more about SysTech Lo-Noise™ ventilation modules.
  • Odor – The manufacturing process can produce odors that when released are obnoxious to the surrounding community.
  • Gases and Vapors – These could be an asphyxiant gas or explosive gas, requiring a consideration of equipment construction and explosion protection.
  • Spot heating or cooling of office space within the larger enclosure.
  • Other factors determining the final design include geographic location of facility, equipment installed, heat loads, and on site staffing for potential maintenance issues.

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