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Biopharmaceutical Industry

The Biopharmaceutical industry encompasses the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device manufacture. It is divided into categories that include R & D or research and development, manufacturing, and in most cases, trial testing of drugs.  Drug types are defined as those thru chemical synthesis, generics, biologics, biosimilars or follow-on biologics, and over-the-counter or OTC. Each drug type has characteristics that determine how it is to be safely handled.  Close governing by regulatory agencies mandates code compliance for environmental hygiene and safety, addressing explosion, noise, and airborne contaminant issues.

All manufacturing requires clean environments and safe handling of products and byproducts. As such, stainless steel is typical for conveying duct, hoods and dust collectors and because of the fine powders commonly encountered, explosion potential is closely monitored and addressed when dust collection systems and vacuum systems are designed.  When potent compounds are part of the process, containment systems with modified dust collectors and HEPA filter assemblies in a bag-in bag-out arrangement are required. Common dust collection applied machinery include pill press machines, spray dryers, tablet coaters, and ribbon blenders and laboratory hoods.

When research laboratory environments are in-house, the close capture of dust and fumes is a must, and where large areas for storage are encountered, the capture of nuisance dust from product handling is applied.

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