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Educational Services Industry

The educational services industry includes colleges, university, technical/trade schools, and secondary schools where ventilation is required to maintain a high level of indoor air quality.

Educators, researchers, students and facility support staff that use campus facilities whether in a classroom environment, a teaching or research laboratory or the campus maintenance department, require approaches that include:

  • Dust collection systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Chemical fume exhaust systems
  • Welding exhaust systems
  • Capture hoods
  • Downdraft benches and work stations
  • Duct in carbon or galvanized steel, stainless steel, FRP or PVC

In addition to ventilation for air quality, these environments will require noise attenuation due to the operation of machinery, air cleaning devices and exhaust systems or simply where quiet is needed.  That’s a typical part of our supply. And where materials of combustion are being handled, fire or explosion protection systems need to be in place to protect both people and facilities. We’ll determine if that is necessary and will provide solutions to that as well.

Systech has applied systems for:

  • Laboratories used for teaching, testing and research
  • Maintenance department wood shops
  • Trade schools having weld training booths
  • Mechanical engineering testing labs
  • Biological inspection laboratories
  • Chemical exhaust hoods
  • Biological examination benches
  • Downdraft tables, work benches, walk-in booths used for pollutant isolation
  • Benches and work stations modified for the handicapped

Need it installed and serviced?  We install complete systems and with all the equipment provided, we offer start-up as part of our package.

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